31 March 2019

So Many People Love You. Don't Focus on the People Who Don't.

"So many people love you.  Don't focus on the people who don't."   It's great advice - home being where the heart is which is where we need to dwell in life, as much as possible!   And it certainly is not up to others to try to define "home" for anyone else.  As we all evolve spiritually, home - as in parents/siblings/extended family - is not necessarily "home", although some ancestors of these folks, our ancestors also, often are part of what we recognize as home for ourselves - as the path to where the most love we experience and project, leads.  Home becomes a spiritual environment (frequency as we can also say) not necessarily a temporal place.  Although, being in a loved place enhances the spiritual environment, so does bringing love to any environment also enhance it, resulting in it being a loved place.

In addition to great advice, the above comment is also an encouraging "feel good" comment.

Hate Requires Defense

I do not want to be a reality wet-blanket, but I need to point out that as much as we would like to be in that place spiritually, emotionally, and physically (intellectually too) - all the time, or at least as much as possible - personal experience informs us that we can not always focus on only love, simply because of those who hate, because hate does require defense. 

I also need to add a comment in defense of ego which is associated with intellectual processes as a necessary bridge among our spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects.  Ego is not always a narcissistic, psychopathic, evil monster as it is often portrayed.  Discernment and all forms of communication and creativity use ego as a bridge between the necessary well-developed ego as part of love, and the other aspects of oneself. 

EGO and ego

EGO and ego are two entirely different aspects of being.  EGO is damaging to self and others.  At the lowest common denominator environment we find ourselves functioning within at any given time, accessing and using ego is required.  Humanity, collectively, moves forward from the lowest common denominator which is about EGO, and it requires us to properly employ ego (which is never damaging) for the purpose of raising the standard of the lowest common denominator where EGO does cause damage.  Is there a gray area between EGO and ego?  Well, when we focus on love, no.  Being vigilant and identifying what is not love, does not mean we are not focusing on love.  It is a balance guardians/gatekeepers/scouts/way-showers/shamans/healers must master (i.e. skillful control within self) because of work which needs to be accomplished.

People who do not love us are not the problem.  And defense actually is necessary at least from time to time - unless, of course, one is  fortunate enough to always be defended by others, like the sacred guardianship those who love extend to children - and all others, actually.

Be Wary of Ill-intent

The problem is people who are actively exercising ill-intent towards us, you, others. They are within a subgroup of people who do not like us and want to control us, who are within a subgroup of people who do not love us.  So be aware to fend off ill-intent because "ill" actually does means ill.  It is what people with violent hateful attitudes project who want to create environments that kill, instead of outright directly killing and risking being apprehended.  Thus their need to create chaos as a smoke-screen by involving many others in their efforts, others who willingly participate, not necessary knowing the intent.

Perhaps the problem actually is: those who do not love us do not know us! 😅 (This comment is EGO, EGO, EGO humor, actually, in case there is any doubt!)

Humor, notwithstanding, it is advisable to be wary of ill-intent which is always a part of the palpable chaotic hate some project which is very strong no matter how much effort there is to hide it.  When some you know seem to be projecting hate, sometimes they do so unknowingly because of being victims of it.  And unless you know such a person, well, it is not always possible to know the origin of hateful ill-intent plaguing them, which plagues others through them.  We only know they are  desperately in need of help either to fend it off, or as its origin.

Caution!  Hate Becomes Viral

When we know hateful ill-intent is being projected at us, directly or indirectly, we owe it to others as well as to ourselves to trace the hate to origin - always challenging work.  Unfortunately, hate often functions like a rampant communicable disease.   It is rarely personal and often targets those who are innocent of the "reason" hate is being projected, at them and through them to other people.  Neither is defense personal, and in fact it needs to be extensive in the process of zeroing in on the causes of hate.