28 April 2020


When there are red flags about anything, and in this case plenty of them are associated with the Covid-19 virus, then I am always going to suspect wrong-doing; more precisely suspect that ill-intended research and development people are responsible but also are dependent for their success on cowards willing to lie, cheat, and steal, and do whatever else is demanded of them from those who finance them (in their world those who "own" them) while requiring them to protect wrong-doing.  Very possibly some are cowards because of trying to protect their incomes (the norm), and bottom line their lives (the norm for those with more foresight).  After all, who can forget the original Covid-19 "whistle-blower" ended up dead?

One HUGE red flag, given the collective knowledge of the entire modern medical field supposedly working together on understanding and protecting people from the virus, is that it is being so collectively obtuse.  Clearly it is an effort to try to get a lot of different stories straight, like a competition about the sheet of music that everyone is trying to agree on as "the virus story" that also protects wrong-doing.  (So far that sheet of music is head-banging unharmonious cacophony when we need classic harmonic skilled orchestration.) The medical field, getting their act together in the way it has being doing, creates confusion and fear, and a lack of confidence in those who many may still trust.  Clearly, the confusion being created seems way too "convenient" to be real.  It is too disparate to not be intentional. 

Keep in mind that playing dumb is a ploy used by fairly brilliant people who actually are unethical cowards who have been given permission to criminally violate the law, or worse have been ordered to do so, and have not said "no" to that evil when they should have.  Their gambling "tell"?  When such folks have been working long and hard to convince the world how brilliant they are, which is intended to and supposed to confer our trust in them, then creating asinine confusion about something anyone with common sense and foresight can see through, is actually their downfall.  It's how they are found out. 

Though the problem is obvious the public is expected to get in line and trust "modern medicine" . . .  for its brilliance . . .  and those who practice it when the way it is practiced is based on profit driven regulations; when the "dumb" act is being over-played and it is obvious that neither the public nor decent folks in the field of medicine know who is calling the shots that are driven by profit and control outside of the medical field - other than NOT those who know the real story?

Not asking questions is for the cowardly whose primary fear is income insecurity.  Clearly the jig the public is dancing to, with a lot of help from media, is profit and control driven.  And medical people are provided plenty of profit in exchange for their complicity, even when they never know with what or with whose evil they are complying.  Classic plausible deniability drives the various segments of the industry (yes, the illness industry given that actual healing is NOT an industry but a divine calling that can not be regulated). No one sector really knows what the other sectors are being bought off to promote, and to NOT do to actually heal people, when it does not pay well. 

Do not misunderstand that the frontline forces in the medical field who are there batting Covid-19, heroically saving lives and preserving health, and taking care of patient needs to the very best of their ability, and then going further all the while putting their own health and lives at risk, are those to whom I refer.  They are not.  The culprits are at the administrative level, and those they answer too, like politicized policy makers with profit and control driven agendas that dictate to the research and development people.  Most of the folks in the medical field are very well aware of the limits that are put on their abilities to be the healers their patients need.  Of course people and patients have confidence in the kind well-intended skilled people in the field who actually want to do their jobs - but are only able to do so to the extent they are allowed by their industry's indirect political puppet-masters.  If it were not so egregiously unconscionable and dangerous, it would be ironically humorous.

Do not be offended by the scientist aspect of we who have these concerns.  Prove us wrong.  Prove me wrong about anything and everything I have suggested is reflecting the actuality of the incongruous wealth of research and development problems associated with Covid-19 i.e. the red flags, playing dumb, plausible deniability, created confusion, wrong-doing that is profit and control driven, and criminal in some cases, from outside the medical field.  Just do it.  And I wish you success.