Thought for the Day

1 March 2022

Thought for today: "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." 

This is for all  people experiencing challenging unavoidable circumstantial difficulties in their lives they are not responsible for, for which they are being blamed - to let them know they are not alone in knowing the truth in their own lives of the raging battle between good and evil which they recognize some are losing.  

That truth:  It is in recognizing that some  have chosen to refuse to say "no" to evil, and instead have become dedicated to wanting to project the troubles they manifest, into the lives of other people, for the purpose of scapegoating those other people.

So there is a deep sorrow in today's thought associated with those who feel helplessly challenged in that way, and for those who make it their purpose to  blame specific individuals as scapegoats for problems those individuals have not created or perpetrated.  

The sorrow:  The sorrow is in  not being able to do anything, other than to extend merciful compassionate understanding to those poor souls who are being scapegoated, and to those who choose to assign their own refusal to say "no" to evil, to other people. 

The lesson:  We all need to self-monitor, since any amount of intentional deception has a ripple effect that eventually harms another, in some cases many others, on its way out from and back to the origin of intentional deception.

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." 

14 August 2021

I figure their are three types of work, in general: working with things, working with people, working with ideas.  The obligations and tasks of many careers and jobs include all three to some extent, some with a lot more emphasis on one or two types of work rather than all three.  To that end I say let us allow the folks who like to manage people and are good at it in whatever ways that is their work, do exactly that.  No sense in trying to fit round pegs into square holes when some do their best work with things and/or ideas.  This does not mean the “things” and “ideas” folks do not have people skills.  Many have exemplary people skills.  It simply means they are likely to do better herding cats than people, because they have no interest in managing people.  Inseparably corollary to this - those who are good at managing people need to respect the wishes of those who no not invite being managed.

7 August 2021
Scientific discovery is one reason scientists do not like to promote conflict instead of collegial collaborative shared research.  Nations often react to this teamwork aspect of science as a matter of their national security being threatened.  There has to be a balance between these two mind-sets, which is much more difficult on a national level than an academic level, when economic and corporate demands are considered to have priority.  The worst case scenario, which is associated with all wars and most armed conflict, is at the far end of the spectrum, when balance has gone bonkers.  That happens when the economy of a nation is driven by corporate conglomerate industrial demands that are allowed to almost singularly dictate national policies and behaviors of a government. 

An obvious recent example that has increasing been the focus of the light of day in the U.S.A. is the focus on commercial space race companies.  What seems anomalous about the commercial/government collaboration in the form of "the space race" (which is exactly what it is), and why I, for one, am unimpressed by the goings on, is the number of corporations in the race which are vying for government funding, all of which have received it.  The prospect of an eventual corporate conglomerate of space race corporations, obviously the current golden child subject of our government's black budget adoration, hidden within the defense budget, is that it is likely to be allowed to increasingly dictate national policies and behaviors.  This adds another set of  obstacle that dashes the hopes of we, the people, when it comes to collectively taking back our right to self-govern, instead of being dictated to through government by corporate conglomerates.  But as all the other businesses, corporations, and corporate conglomerates, will also come around to connecting their profit making to the current golden child of government. they too will profit, and that is what solidifies any sector's dictatorial contribution to national policies and behaviors of our government.

1 April 2021

Some folks apparently do not realize it, but intentional spiritual criminal violations happen because of spiritual violating perpetrators. The perpetrators are people who refuse to say "no" to evil, and additionally work hard to access the souls of others to try to blame them for twisted truths, lies, cheating, thieving, and violations because of wanting to make select people responsible and accountable for violations of other people. Who has not had an overdose from the exhaustion of being victimized in that way by people who want to interfere with the connection to source/origin of other folks, as if denying it exists?

Part of the problem is that so many people seem to have no idea that spiritual criminal violations occur. They are unable and/or unwilling to recognize it in their own lives or fight it off in their own lives. Those who refuse to say "no" to evil are some of the worst offenders, along with those who refuse to recognize when other people are refusing to say "no" to evil, thus are fooled into further enabling those abusers to continue spiritually violating other people including themselves.

If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Unless you have put in your time and are retired or disabled (or have volunteered to continue working, but refuse to be used and abused by others who want to volunteer you) I ask . . . what are YOU doing to put an end to the problem without doing harm to anyone in the process?

7 January 2021

Our U.S.A. democracy exists on the firm foundation of our constitutional republic.  There was, and still is  no inside finishing work possible (let alone decorating!), without first understanding our government rests firmly on a system of government that is a Constitutional Democratic Republic.  The job of we, the people, has always been to truly understand how all aspects dovetail to result in the functional system of government we do have; and that has always been through the consent of the governed.  We must never underestimate the importance of each of these three aspects of good governance.

That means we, the people, in our entirety, are responsible for educating ourselves enough about issues to have informed opinions so we can be participatory and accountable for advising our elected and appointed government officials; because all of us are supposed to be willing to learn from and teach one another - simply through discussions and civil debate as "owners" of our nation.  It also means we need to use the system as it is intended to be used to bring up and discuss the revisions, and possible changes that some believe are worthy of our consideration.

That is what empowers all of our freedoms and our stated values of equitable opportunity for all, without being at the cost of only a dictatorial privileged 25% who are allowed to be "party people". (Best to comprehend that I am not referring to either the R or D party.  Cold War veterans, not only military veterans, but all who are veterans of the lessons we had no choice but to learn from “the Cold War”, will know to what I refer.)

20 November 2020
It seems clear that Facebook as one of the first social networking websites that has been long-lasting and successful, to include expanding in a corporate way, attests to the power of passive income to dictate policies of websites.

However. the problem has been on-going since internet browsers resulted in the internet becoming more user friendly - "democratized" as some would say. At that point commerce started taking over the internet. Until that time "public access" had primarily been limited to military, government, and university use free from commercialization and advertising. After commercialization had a foothold, the next stage was the pyramid-type scheme of passive income which was set-up through advertisements on webpages.

Passive income advertising attests to the willingness of those "earning" it to dictate policy as a direct result of what advertisers want to promote. That, or course, is based on the prejudices, both for and against - whatever they may be - of the advertisers, in the spirit of the belief that "money can buy anything and anyone".

The prejudices of advertisers are driven by what they believe they gain from superimposing their prejudices on those who earn passive income in exchange for their advertising and/or from withdrawing their advertising.

It creates a situation destined to bump up against government regulations and a lack of them, in some part driven by users reporting problems.

14 April 2020
The scammers, robocallers, and identity theft people are a "workforce" that is still going strong, unfortunately. I've had two calls without caller id  in the past hour. No doubt the problem will ramp up, using the chaos of the current situation as "opportunity". One of the current scams is actually spoofing the customer service number of our local electric utility, which has put the number on a lot of app and website block lists. And, personally, identity theft violators that have attacked, repeatedly, in the past have ramped up efforts, again.  And probably other folks too have become targets of another reactivated effort. 

The one targeting me has been ongoing the entire year which includes the drafted "flying monkeys" who run interference, mislead, and lie about the effort. The violators don't give a damn how much damage they do and in fact thrive on trying to create an unreasonable facsimile - which always reveals ill-intended violating. There is too much ill-intended "bad juju" energy circulating, superimposed on top of that which has become the virus lifestyle. That makes the violation of identity theft efforts doubly vicious. Crooks and harassers really need to take a break too. When they aren't apprehended and prosecuted during "normal" times, how likely is it they will be in times of on-going crisis when it is more necessary because of the over-burdening damage they do and are intending to do?

6 April
How are you all on this lovely warm sunshiny spring day with the beauty of nature awakening all around us in the northern hemisphere, and with the beauty of nature transforming into a time of regeneration in the southern hemisphere - these processes being beautiful just for us, never knowing their own beauty? 

It can not escape notice that some of us can do nothing other than "fiddle while Rome burns" even though we wish we could, and in the past have been able to choose to be on the fronts lines to protect from the evil of any self-declared enemy.

If that is you too, then enjoy each precious moment and document what you can.  It may help to ease the minds and sooth the souls of those currently on the frontlines, when the battles they are part of eventually do wind-down and they then have opportunity to recover from the relentless pressures, stresses, and anguish that have become their current burdens.

26 March

Listening to the news, the stimulus package being part of it . . . a person being interviews is wrongly labeling Social Security as a "benefit program".  Social Security is "earned income" for people of retirement age which is supposed to be protected from use by government, other than its intended purpose.  It was never intended to be used as a discretionary fund by any person or department in government to access and "borrow" from as needed.  But government has been "borrowing" from it as if it is,  without ever intending to return the "borrowed" funds.  In succinct terms that is referred to as "theft".

It is wrong for anyone to be part of the cabal who repeatedly promotes and spreads the propaganda that tries to convince everyone that Social Security is something other than what it actually is - that being a protected fund that consists of earned income for people of retirement age.

That Social Security has been mixed up with and undifferentiated from Disability Benefits, which in fact ARE benefits, under the auspices of administering Disability Benefits as part of Social Security fund, is one ways that has been used to promote the Social Security retirement fund as a "benefit" for retired folks, instead of labeling and defining it correctly as the "earned income in retirement" for people of retirement age, that it actually is.

24 March
There may be a simple solution to Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick's nonsensical comments that assume many, perhaps a majority of Grandparents are NOT already living a lifetime of being concerned about the best interests of their children and grandchildren - which of course includes their untold sacrifices.

A possible solution? If Dan Patrick wants grandparents to sacrifice their lives for their grandchildren, him being a grandparent too, then let him be first in line to do so - to show us how it's done.  All those who agree could line up behind him.

18 March
For the record, let me say because previous pandemics have been traced back to China's "wet markets", I do consider that China is to blame because of continuing their "wet markets", against all reasoned advise from many nations, and international organizations.  Apparently, the "wet markets" are so deeply embedded in Chinese culture, that the resistance to putting an end them translates into government never seriously considering doing so.

Would putting an end to "wet markets" result in them going "underground" (literally and/or figuratively)?  Do they exist in other nations too?  I don't know.  However, when several viral pandemics have been traced back to "wet markets" as the points of origin, how can those nations who could choose to put an end to them not choose to be responsible for putting an end to them?

Journalist goes undercover at "wet markets", where the Coronavirus started | 60 Minutes Australia

18 March

O.K. I admit it. I was wrong, I have been saying that I thought FEMA camps would probably not be used during this pandemic, but instead used in the next pandemic once this one is past. But that may not be the case.  However, I must state, for good reasons *from personal experience*, that I trust military medical field support much more than the way government uses FEMA in the damaging disorganized ways that have been demonstrated, repeatedly, by FEMA's management during past natural disasters. FEMA's demonstrated logistical management has been notoriously incompetent and atrocious. Simply stated I do not trust FEMA to be allowed to manage and make demands on the "supply chain", or to equitably distribute needed supplies and other assistance.  Just sayin' . . .

However, as much as we in whom hope springs eternal are so frequently considered to be fools, yes, I am willing to hope that FEMA will rise to the occasion instead of once again being a bumbling go-between collusive connection between government and those who need assistance.  We have a choice to contribute to projecting negative or positive support.  I choose to project positive expectations and hope.

4 March
Looks like the covid-19 cases that are labor intensive, are putting a strain on medical facilities and personnel that neither is adequately prepared to accommodate.  Increased cases easily create a multitude of crises for that reason. And here in U.S.A. the insurance industry is also not prepared.

My opinion?  There is reason for heightened concern all the way around, not the least of which is likely panic in the insurance industry because of cost. Thus, the combination of medical logistic issues, and cost because of the level and length of care required in extreme cases, are likely major reasons for quarantines in an effort to prevent and manage the spread.  It should go without saying that we, the people, would prefer to not be exposed to the virus. 

The fact is it should not be necessary for we, the people, to also be concerned about logistics and cost preventing the level of care needed for patients.  Fact is the logistic and cost problems already exist.  Something like covid-19 serves the purpose of shining a harsh light on the problems. 

So I ask, are there any rational people who still want to believe we don't need our
health care sector to become entirely non-profit and no longer connected to the insurance industry when there is so much evidence that it would be far less costly and a better standard of care for all? Nothing in over 50 years, including personal experience, has persuaded me to conclude otherwise, even though I have long been willing for reason, logic, and practicality to revise my opinion.

30 January
I will never condone a so-called "system of justice" that refuses to require witnesses to testify, and worse prevents them from testifying when they are known to have evidence.

Anyone who supports that travesty to justice is a supporter of a "legal system" that is intended to make a mockery of justice. There is a big difference between a legal system that supports a justice system and a legal system so full of loopholes that it also corrupts the justice system.

There is a big difference between those who have the courage to say "no" to corruption of the justice system and those who do not thus are considered "foolish" by those who refuse to say "no", and by doing so choose to support corruption.

More than any other "reason" not having the courage to say "no" to corruption suggests fear of extortion.  That fear is likely to be  associated with personal wrong-doing by those who will not say "no" - whether or not their wrong-doing was because of being set-up due to collusion.

It is such a shame to observe that our legislative body appears to be too terrified of the corrupt elements in government to collectively have the courage to say "no" to them, and instead chooses to further enable the corruption.

6 January - 2020 Day of Epiphany

A word about suffering from undeserved "group punishment". Group punishment = war.

No matter who we are and whether it is a declared or undeclared war of armed conflict; whether it is declared or undeclared psychological war based on negative prejudice propaganda that results in creating undeserved disadvantage - group punishment is war.

Understand that, and we understand the injustices of war and how it is extortion within nations between and among demographics of people, and between and among governments of nations that employ extortion by purposely harming innocent people in other nations until those governments cooperate by choosing mercy and compassion for the benefit of their own people.

War is almost always merciless. What does that say about the leadership in governments who engage in war - both first aggressors and defensive aggressors?

Being kind is better than being right no matter whether it is on an individual basis or a national basis. When nations employ patience there is always opportunity for diplomatic progress - unless those in government are truly self-serving evil people willing for their own people to be cannon fodder. Loose cannons who do not care whether or not they make their own people, and innocent people of other nations the cannon fodder of "expendable collateral damage", should be unelectable. Don't elect them.

Even though nepotism is illegal, we see it in every administration in preference to merit. Elect those who intend to appoint based on merit not those who believe government appointments are for the purpose of rewarding family members, close friends, and their network of enablers.
*Vote for people who intend to promote the opportunity for everyone to qualify for work on the basis of merit.
*Vote for people who embody ethical diplomatic skills and use them to avoid armed conflict.
*Vote for people who care about quality of life for the constituency which is inseparable from the extent to which we are all responsible for protecting the health of the natural environment and all its inhabitants - both flora and fauna.
Let's be careful about who we vote for and why. 

Stop believing "group punishment" is an acceptable way to extort those with a difference of opinion.  Instead empower those who employ diplomatic communication skills which when used as they need to be, habitually prove that differences among decent people are rarely insurmountable.

9 November 2019
Al Mu'min, our honored and esteemed companion for the day. So much of importance to discuss - beyond the mundane of shopping for fine leather, and enjoying a steak dinner.

Life has been rough as of late, for way too long and without justifiable warrant.  So today we are reminded to be mindful of the psychic burden of Jacob's patience - the need of forbearance in believing the clear proof of our own knowing.

We are reminded to understand what the natural world tells us of geology, astrophysics, cosmology, archeology, anthropology, DNA, history, all that we discover in life - as reminders which convey the transcendent enlightening value of all learning - as a gift that is not to be denied. We are reminded to not be arrogant, prideful, vain, petulant, disdainful in our knowing; that mankind's creations are not greater than those of the natural world.

And we are strongly encouraged to be merciful and ask forgiveness for those who want to wrangle and create conflict which is intended to disparage the patient and secure authentic confidence of contentment gifted to us from the clear proof of knowing that which has been revealed to us.

14 October

Anyone who wants to know who is educating the folks in government who are supposed to be representing we, the people - and how they are being educated/programmed - plug in your issue at the Congressional Research Service (CRS) to see what comes up. We probably need to be addressing the weaknesses and failures of some of the CRS reports when we advise those folks representing us.  I actually compare the need for this to the need for parents to monitor what their children are learning at school.  I have read some lousy CRS reports full of propaganda but also some excellent CRS reports.

The point is that unless we monitor a major resource our legislators use we don't know the possible failings of the information they are using as a foundation of what they know about the issues. Like everyone else our legislators do not know best about everything all the time, so if they have not done their own research about specific issues, either they use CRS reports, or they accommodate lobbyist propaganda as "gospel truth" sweetened by being pressured with perks for accommodating it.

12 October

"Why use up the forests, which were centuries in the making, and the mines, which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?? ~ Henry Ford

Henry Ford built a car out of hemp plastic that ran on hemp fuel almost a century ago. Why aren't we driving it today 

When I read the above article today it called to mind when I learned about about this effort of Henry Ford's at a Nader's Raiders presentation in 1970.  This is a good refresher, since at the time I chose to remember why rather than all the associated details.  So here we are 49 years since I knew, longer since other folks knew, and 78 years since Henry Ford presented his invention after 12 year of research . . . totaling, so far, 90 years for a stellar idea whose time may have come.

But look at how bad it had to become for proof to manifest to the most resistant - those who profit from being resistant until "we, the people" are pushing government so hard it can no longer answer to corporations.  Of course those who were always resistant until the end and cause undue problems for everyone else by doing so, the corporate conglomerates, demand to own, manage, and profit from the "new" way forward.  It happened with the telecom industry when broadband arrived with the telephone, satellite, and cable companies all rushing to compete with one another to take control of and profit from internet access, which extended into all offering phone and pay t.v. services too.  And now buy outs are happening with the renewable energy industry by already established energy industries.  And then there is big pharma wanting to take control of every type of hemp and worse creating and patenting something synthetic from it that is not good for the health when the natural hamp products are.  When government allows corporations to do all that, it is very clear who runs government . . . no different than 90 years ago when resistance to renewables started raging.

Monopolies have always been destructive which is why they were outlawed.  Changing the name and defining them with a loophole that "technically" prevents corporate conglomerates from being monopolies, does not change the fact they are monopolies and do the damage as monopolies. 

19 September 2019

This video is labeled as a "
Global Coherence Meditation Live From Resonance Retreat", on Facebook.  (I could not find the same video anywhere else).  It  is a actually an interesting lecture about coherence.  It is ancient indigenous knowledge of course . . . but it is also good that asking the right questions leads to documenting a body of facts in terms of today's science.  It is part of a  global consciousness project associated with all living systems.

After a brief 5 minute introduction the lecturer, Rollin McCraty director of research for HeartMath Institute, addresses scientific documentation of coherence at levels that are  individual, earth, universe centered.  Some may be drawn to the psychology aspect of it, others to the biology aspect, others to frequency.  In terms of coherence all are understood altogether.

It is a recording of a live event at the retreat.   The approximate 15 minute meditation (prayer) starts at the hour mark for those not interested in, or only interested in the meditation.  Nassim Haramein (Resonance Foundation)  joins the presentation directly after the meditation - then McCraty and Haramein do the Q&A, together, which is also enlightening, as Q&A often are.

8 September 2019

I tuned in to "Report from Santa Fe" here in New Mexico, on the tube this morning.  It was excellent.  Maya van Rossum was being interviewed about her Green Amendment work, and a book she authored which has been published: "The Green Amendment".  The book  has been considered by some in the field to have the power of a modern day "Silent Spring" (Rachel Carson) which woke up a lot of people, back in the day. 

Van Rossum was articulate and well-spoken about a court case in Pennsylvania where a very conservative judge upheld a constitutional amendment in the state of Pennsylvania which makes clean non-toxic, air, water, soil a right for the people of Pennsylvania. 

She started an organization, "Green Amendements for the Generations". ("Our Story" in the about section is short, to the point, and well worth reading.)  Their work encourages states to formulate their own green amendments to their constitutions,  because it might eventually lead to a federal amendment which also makes clean non-toxic, air, water, soil a legal right in our nation. 

I'm not much of an advocate for changes in our constitution unless they are truly necessary.  I could support a change of this nature.  As van Rossum  explained, when written thoughtfully such an amendment need not negatively impact something like the oil and gas industry here in New Mexico.  I think her work and her book which is intended to lead to functional win/win for all  policy making legislation, is worth considering.  It started with "For The Generations" which is an initiative of The Delaware Riverkeeper Network .  I like the doable practical approach.  It does require supportive work from we the people to enable legislation which will make it happen.

28 August 2019

Fast food vegan chicken is intended to be considered healthier than real chicken.  However, debatable or not, a matter of preference or not, a matter of taste or not, the oil used to deep fry it, matters.  To use oil that is not good for the health to prepare a vegan product that is considered to be good for the health is counter productive and hypocritical, actually.  Either it is healthy or it is not.  Half healthy food is the same as unhealthly food.

And we need to be ahead of the curve with "cultured meat".  People need to be told if the meat and seafood they order at a restaurant or buy at a grocery is lab created  "cultured meat".  Consumers have a right to know and say no, and more importantly to know before the product is used to fool customers without consumers being informed.  We have a right to know what we are asked to consuming, and to say no if we wish.

Last time I ordered a burger I asked if it was "real" meat and was told it was, rather than plant based protein manipulated into supposedly tasting like real meat.  However, it is clear that the more precise question has, instead, become whether or not meat is  lab-created "cultured meat". 

Given past behavior of corporate franchises, either the employees will be told to lie/mislead customers, or when/if laws require disclosure to simply say "I don't know" which has always been the answer when asking employees, even supervisors, about the type of oil being used, or about genetically modified/engineered ingredients.

27 August 2019
Interesting video I happened upon today. The cultural world view presented in the video may not be so familiar to many.

Wilcox states that the same/similar myths are found in a variety of cultures worldwide, independently, which of course is a fact.  It stands to reason that in some cases, where there was geographic proximity that did not prevent cultural mingling, the concepts of older sources show up in subsequent younger sources . . . so in this case it would the more or less be the contiguous land masses of the other hemisphere which does not mean there was not intermingling with this hemisphere (Americas). 

There are major differences from this in the Semitic, and the Hamitic religious/mythological/traditional recorded history sources (including ancient Egypt) but also many similarities, almost all recorded after oral traditions started loosing details which lead to recording in more permanent ways by some cultures to supplement oral tradition.

"David Wilcock Decodes Ancient Prophecy and Reveals the 'Solar Flash' is Coming Soon" (approximately an hour and a half)

I do not appreciate the use of Solon to represent Ancient Egyptian knowledge, although it is interesting and contemporary with Biblical (Old and New Testament) times. The Greco-Egypt times were modern, compared to Ancient Egypt. And demonstrably Judaism embraces a lot of Egyptian beliefs, but origins were also at a time that was "modern" compared to Ancient, Ancient Egypt.  I guess he is not familiar with Ancient Egypt.

13 August 2019

I have not watched any of the Epstein tell-alls or read them because I have a very low tolerance for the sordid crimes.  (The video does mentions some names.)  I also would not ordinarily watch something political on a channel identified a a  religion channel.  I also have a very low tolerance for mixing religion and politics.  However, the reporters do not over do on the religion aspect, nor does it interfere with the political corruption coverage nor is it used as justification for anything.  The reporters offer a reasonably good investigative piece.

There was certainly a lot I didn't know, primarily about New Mexico (NM).  All I can say is why.  NM appears to have been enabling a vast criminal network enterprise problem for at least 30 years, rough estimate.  That so many could not say no to evil and were extorted probably explains why.  The end expresses no confidence that anyone in U.S. government will investigate the compound on the east side of the Sandia Mountains.  There was no crime scene tape at the compound, and nothing to indicate it is a place that will soon be raided by the FBI in a association with the scandal, like the other places have been.

Missing children anywhere?  They might end up in Albuquerque  (with a major airport), however it is doubtful they would ever be seen here by anyone who would be willing to help them.  It is stated there is an airport at the compound and flights might go there directly.  Or private jets might arrive at the airport the occupants then helicoptered to the compound.  And some are probably transported via vehicle, or a motorhome, like the one parked at the compound with Arizona license plates.

At the end we are advised to not get caught up in only the details but to see the bigger picture, the take down of the nation over 30 some years. It may surprise some that not once is that associated with Muslims, or folks arriving at the southern border, although Russia is mentioned - but in humor.
It is an hour and almost five minutes.  If you want to understand the bigger picture try to carve out an hour if you can - especially if you live in New Mexico.  We are reminded that citizens (more likely to not be in powerful positions that have lead to extortion) can convene grand juries and serve subpoenas - that the problem is corrupt, compromised, and timid state officials.

Exclusive Video of Epstein’s Zorro Ranch Breeder Farm
I do not care who you are, your income, your level of education, your job, your  nation of  origin, your ethnicity, your skin color, your political views, your religious views, your culture, or any other way you identify yourself, or can be identified,  I can not condone anyone's crimes of sex with children or anyone else who is unwilling and says no.  Same goes for any type of crimes, actually.  And there is a whole plethora of many types the video interconnects.

9 August 2019

Thought all you all who do not experience the joy of having a chile season where you live might like to have a look at the goings on associated with roasting chiles in small batches at home.  As is probably evident from the video preparing enough chiles to last until next year's season, is a labor of love 

Alternatively, many grocery stores have a roaster outside and roasting is part of the cost of the gunny sack full of chilies.  Roasting cooks them more as well as charring the skin. It smells heavenly for miles around.  If you have opted for having the chiles roasted where you bought them, but want them firmer, perhaps an ice chest of ice in your vehicle to empty them into might result in less mushy chiles. When they are cooked before processing there is a lot of good juice that is lost. Firmer, not so much. No matter how you process your chiles, chile season is always a time of year to look forward to and enjoy here in NM.

How To Roast Hatch Green Chile In An Oven

19 July 2019
Compassion Fatigue.  No one wants to become uncaring, but it happens - sometimes without being aware.

It happens to some from simply being around a lot of people, frequently, and/or working with a lot of people. When emotional fatigue occurs it affects our other bodily systems, including mind, heart, and soul. Sometimes there are personality changes which accompany it and negative health effects too when it is not recognized.

When the media and politicians do it purposely the intent is to manipulate our emotions in a specific way for a specific outcome. And it almost always backfires in unexpected ways, which we have seen become the only "debate" that occurs on a national level - based on the crisis management of manipulated emotions.

We used to actually rationally discuss issues among ourselves in decades as past generation did, instead of being reduced to "gossip rag" type interactions intended to manipulate emotions as a way of magnifying and strengthening appeals.

Emotional manipulation seems to be a negative aspect of the female archetype. The male archetype is more about rationally addressing issues - as a positive aspect it more about applying the mind to problem solving. Both come from the heart.

We need to keep in mind we all embody both archetypes which is not a matter of physical or preferred gender identity. We all need to be able to heal and enable the healthy aspects of both the archetypes we embody.

19 July 2019

One question - how could this possibly be controversial?

Ilhan Omar Seizes Spotlight to Introduce “Groundbreaking” Pro-BDS Resolution

Whatever you think of Ilhan Omar, the short article which describes the resolution is worth reading - especially given negatively editorialized news reports.
I want to emphasize that
1) our government uses BDS all the time as "punishment" to other nation for not cooperating whether or not we approve, which in some cases creates more potential for armed conflict. BDS can be effective when there is a large effort - and as usual I will use the change in South Africa to illustrate a large scale worldwide political effort.
2) most employ BDS often on a personal level which is sometimes political too when we choose which brands we buy. The fact that more organic food is now available in all grocery stores, the fact that we have food labeling and are still working at more detailed disclosure, illustrates that

If our purchase choices happen to be political only we know that. That a large scale national effort worldwide has the power to peacefully put an end to injustices instead of using armed conflict is evident (like South Africa). Success of such efforts starts small and grows whether on a personal level, for personal political reasons, or a large scale international effort to stop injustices without armed conflict.

19 July 2019
House Quietly Orders Pentagon to Tell Congress If It Released Weaponized Ticks
"The Pentagon may have weaponized ticks and then released them—either accidentally or purposefully."

"released [. . .] either accidentally or purposefully" is always the issue, isn't it?
There need to be safeguards and layers of trustworthy oversight in place for all research. Trusting researchers to not be careless and/or ill-intended is not enough.

17 July 2019

Just a quick comment about our attention is being directed away from actual pressing problems by the continuing use of hot button issues trying to keep racism, religious prejudice, gender bias, etc. thriving.

I have seen comments about not prosecuting Epstein to the fullest because he was doing "intelligence work". Him and how many others? They were all being used in "honeypot" extortion work as a front for their perversions that damage others? That is bad enough but the crimes against children, and all who have been and are unwillingly used as honeypots and to satisfy damaging perversions are unconscionable.

Any efforts to use "intelligence work" to excuse/justify/downplay the crimes can not be allowed. "Intelligence work" does not - let me repeat . . . DOES NOT - justify or excuse crimes. And once anyone is "caught" being a willing active participant in the web of evil they must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law - without the application of legal loopholes designed, in advance, to protect it.

This leads to a question about the problem of people who have been/are involved in the crimes, running for political office. Surely candidates must be vetted and secure at least the lowest level clearances to be able to be candidates. If that was actually happening none of the criminals should even have a remote chance of being able to run for office at any level of government.

Epstein's Mossad "intelligence" work according to Steve Pieczenik:  OPUS 167 Mossad Epstein Connection

And an insightful thought by one of the commenters on that video:
  "That must be why Israel has such a hold on the US... so much so that one is taking a big risk by even saying anything bad about Israel. [. . .] So, many in high places in the deep state, and even past presidents, have been blackmailed by Israel . . . "

27 May 2019 - A Memorial Day Thought

Given the extreme difficulty some have with understanding the meaning of "no" in any language, it has occurred to me that some folks want to assume there is an interpretation of "no" which means "you are an enemy".

However, when  someone says "no" with or without explanation, with or without being asked why and with or without choosing to elaborate or not, if asked, it means "no".  It does not "mean" anything else, nor can it accurately be interpreted to mean anything other than "no". 

This sums it up nicely:  When King Philip was expanding his empire across Greece, he sent a letter to the current Spartan king, asking if he wanted him to enter his lands as a friend or a foe. The only response Philip ever received was yet another single-word reply: “Neither.” (from

Epic.  No one is required to make a choice among limited choices provided by another as the Spartan king demonstrates.  It is not about being friend or foe.  It is simply "no".  And anyone not willing to respect the "no" of another with or without explanation, proves they have no respect for that person, and worse does not believe the person reliably capable of making their own decisions. 

Being told "no" does not mean a person can not respectably and respectfully petition the case - directly - since it is no one else's right to say "yes" or "no" on behalf of another.  However, even when "no" is respected, not petitioning tells the unspoken story that what was wanted was actually considered to be no value, although the person saying "no" considers it to be of value.  Not respecting "no" however only tells one story, and that is that the person who does not take "no" for an answer is admitting to having a criminal intent to thieve what very likely is recognized as having high value.

We will never know the extent to which "no" has been used as an excuse to initiate to-the-death battles - between two people, among huge armies of people, and everything in between.  Given the weaknesses of human nature, and the fact that the same problems continue to occur despite the age of humanity - the appropriate response to "no" remains unlearned by far too many.

All told, however, the bottom line is that anyone who refuses to take "no" for an answer can not  be trusted and should not be trusted by anyone.  It is as simple as that.

2 May 2019

I have been revisiting some links, lately, to double check my information  and be sure I have all the reference details I need.  I have to say that I find it astounding how much has disappeared from access.  One example is a sort of table of contents/index I had a link to which briefly listed from 1607-1834 a a six part "Chronology of Religious Development in America"

I wanted to read more about it, which is why I had kept the link.  Ha!  nowhere to be found.  It is a (library of congress) address and it took me to some erroneous unrelated website that looked like it was as layout for a mobile phone.  That layout on a mobile is not as bad as the giant mobile layout on the computer scree which looks like it is designed to not confuse  a 3 year old.

So I simply put in the basic address and added to it from there which finally took me to a website which said the material had been migrated to a different website.  So following that link and doing a search, of course the item I was seeking was no where to be found.  Like everything else online it too seems to have been dumbed down, so that it is not possible to drill down into specific topics, but only to have access to a few that are considered to be of interest to the general public.  Grrr . . .  limiting assumptions about the general public are infuriating.
I did keep the short list of contents when I originally found the item.  And reading through it, I once again realized that even though we all know some of the first european colonists were fleeing from religious persecution, there was an over abundance of it going on in the then colonies too - among the colonists - like in Massachusetts and Virginia.  And of course that was why William Penn received a charter to establish religious freedom in the colonies.  It seems The Society of Friends (Quakers) were often being targeted.  And of course that is why I was interested to read what information the Chronology presented, and how it was presented.

As I read through the six categories I wondered about the number of ancestors we have on Dad's side of the family who lived in the Fort Pitt region along the the Ohio River - which was region in OH and PA but also the WV panhandle (still VA at that time) and western MD.  And although they were not Quakers, I wonder if they lived there for that reason.

14 April 2019
Really!  Talk about an assumed attitude of privilege which also embraces ageism!  On a news program, today, a young woman was saying one of the negative side-effects of the metoo movement was that men no longer feel comfortable around young women.  Really?  Really!  I mean Really?!  All I could think was Are you sure you don’t want to rethink and reword that comment?

I agree that the metoo movement has an effect of  making some men uncomfortable because of fearing they could be falsely accused.  Men, in general, do not deserve to have to be fearful because of those in their ranks who are violators, especially those who are serial offenders.  But woman, in general, also do not deserve to be in fear of being attacked by men, because when they report violations they are not believed and those who violate get away with violating instead of being apprehended. 

The problem is with dishonesty, and an unwillingness and inability to discern what is and is not factual which is proven when there is denial of the need of a thorough investigation.  The only people who do not invite investigation are the violators and those who enable them.  That is a truism.

It is the men violating who are at the foundation of the fear some men have of being dishonestly accused, not the  woman who  have chosen to report violations and expect to be believed.   If there was not so much refusal to believe woman to the point of refusal to thoroughly investigate claims, then there would not be so much fear in men who are not violators.  The refusal to believe woman is associated with the high numbers of violators, and repeat violators in particular, especially when those violators have the power to influence others to the point that others chose the corruption of enabling the violators and their offenses. 

So, again, I agree there has been an increase in some  men fearing they could be unjustly accused.  I think that is likely to be directly proportional to the amount of women who are unjustly accused simply because they are not believed and their claims are not properly investigated when they do report violations.

The way to minimize fear is for thorough, objective, investigations which are never subject to the corruption of threats and/or  pay-off by violaters who claim their careers and lives will be ruined when they are held accountable.  They, and apparently, the mores of our society have been buying into not ruining the lives of violators, instead choosing to condone ruining of the lives of the women who were violated. 

And of course it must be stated that some boys and men have been violated, and that some people have been violated by same sex violators.  But the issue is about reporting violations that are not believed and not investigated which precipitates the issue of  those who have been violated being unjustly accused of dishonesty because of not being believed and there being no effort to thoroughly investigate.  Logic tells us that the problem is disbelief when there are contradictions of what are claimed to be facts.  Logic also tells us justice depends on alleviating disbelief which means it is necessary to thoroughly investigate the claims until all the facts make evident exactly what happened - and who is being dishonest.  It really is that simple.  To deny investigation is a statement of support for the violator, and an additional crime
perpetrated by the justice system against the person who was violated.

What I do not agree with, and what stinks of privilege and ageism in a young woman of a certain age clearly old enough to know better, is that she said men do not feel comfortable around “young women” - as if older women invite violation, or acquiesce to it or have wanted to be violated at any time in their lives - and as if they are not still potential targets of violation after having been violated in the past, along with anyone else violators want to violate and believe they can get away with violating.  The comment suggests that sexual violation is about sex appeal when in fact it is about narcissistic control issues descended to the level of criminal psychopathy.

6 March 2019
The issue is what to do about grown men and women trying to make sacrificial victims of anyone, let alone those elected to Congress by a constituency who wants the representation of those who are  being targeted as victims by their so-called colleagues. It is even more disheartening when the targeted are naturalized immigrants who have personally suffered from political crimes as much or more than the obviously ill-intended who want to obstruct them from doing their jobs. The valuable knowledge and insight they have, as messengers, into how to prevent political victimizing seems to be a problem for ill-intended obstructors.

It is the epitome of fear and ill-intent, gone wild, which makes evident the difficulty so many have in recognizing the love and merciful compassion that motivates people, naturalized immigrants or not - people who want to prevent others from enduring conditions that created the hardships they have personally endured.

Jim Croce says it much more kindly, in "Lover's Cross", than the actions of those who lust after the creation of sacrificial victims. Even so, his lyrics say it all.

"I Can’t Hang Upon No Lover’s Cross for You"

I consider the song to be about all who intend to make a self-sacrifical victim of anyone who truly loves them - be it spouse, significant other, parents, siblings, children, extended family, friends, strangers as criminals hired to victimize . . . no matter who - it pertains to all victimizers.

21 June 2018
Between paying for internet access which has increasingly  become slower than molasses in January and using a hellish standard keyboard instead of my usual ergonomic keyboard, online access has become a chore especially when it is necessary.

And of course not accessing Facebook daily leaves the feed full of everything other than people, except for a few posts from people who have also posted on the same topics.  As a way to connect with friends, family, and colleagues it has become nearly dysfunctional.  Is that because of how I have it configured?  Perhaps.  For their protection I do not categorize people as family or close friends which Facebook has no need to know. 

Facebook's one-dimensional advertising driven  AI structure is tedious.  And cheapo keyboards included with desktop computers should have been replace by ergonomic keyboards as  standard issue with desktop computers, long ago. 
Anyone who writes needs one.  Radiation screens on monitors also should have always been standard issue.  And as far as no more net neutrality goes, when we don't get the access we pay for . . . also driven by first using bandwidth to serve advertising before content - then the price needs to be drastically lowered.  How about pricing that fluctuates - specifically decreases in coordination with limited undependable very slow access?

19 May 2018
I wonder how accurate a comment is that was made by a Brit being interviewed today in the lead up to the wedding of Prince Harry and his Bride.  I watched in the early hours of the morning - of course.  The woman said that in actuality it didn't cost individuals in Britain more than one pound a year to support the monarchy.  It was part of a comment about how the monarchy had been losing favor, but that with the younger royals having more influence, it has been evolving and seems to be regaining favor - that being non-political, it is a bridge between the past and the future.

No one does the continuity of tradition like the British because of the monarchy. And the fact is that the monarchy does financially support a lot of worthwhile charities. I can see the diplomatic value in the continuity of a monarch who officially represents the best manners, diplomatic protocol, intentions, and cultural traditions of a nation to other nations while being the keeper and protector of them, nationally - for the Commonwealth in this case (especially if the cost is no more than one pound per individual a year) all accomplished - apolitically.

16 February
I signed up for the 3 month trial version of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).  Wow. Some good journalism.  So refreshing.  Have really been enjoying it.

However . . . I notice that I am receiving a "version".  I guess it is the western version, since that is the only other version that I have seen identified.

Because of the front page coverage this morning, I wanted to compare the normal version with the version I received and with the online version.  Well, I've only found the online version.  However, there is not a huge photo and article glorifying the shooter in Florida yesterday, like there is in the western version.

First, I am encouraged that other folks are also pointing out that glorifying the crimes and criminals in the media serves no good purpose.  But it does not seem to change the "culture" of priority media focus on violence, death, and destruction.

Secondly, I truly wonder why the "version" of the WSJ I am receiving does that when the online version does not.  I don't know if the "normal" version does, but I find no justification for the Western version doing so.  Is it an assumption that is the sort of news we want, which it is believed will sell WSJ in this region?  Our local papers and news can be depended on to provide an overdose of that for folks who, shamefully, feed off of such negativity.

Thirdly, what a strange coincidence that the terrorist attack at NSA yesterday morning was so quickly eclipsed by something worse.  I don't know if it was no longer mentioned on t.v. news, later, since I refrained from putting it on.  But it was given two paragraphs in WSJ on page two, mostly saying it was not a terrorist attack - even though an unauthorized vehicle entered and fired a weapon. 

Really?  So if it was not terrorism then what was it?  Oh . . . yes, must keep in mind we are not "supposed" to concern ourselves with that - given our attention has been redirected to worse crimes of terror by shooters, glorified in the news - and nebulous "shots fired", elsewhere.

At least we can give WSJ credit for not glorifying that incident.  However, there is a difference between a pertinent news report and the glorifying of crimes and criminals.

7 January 2018
Episode 106 – Nassim Haramein on Unified field theory – physics, the connected nature of everything and more - podcast.

10 November 2017
Once you experience the joy and empowerment of being 100% present in your own life it becomes very difficult to be deprived of what is essentially the acknowledgement of your individual right to know God's will in your own life better than anyone else imagines or claims to know it, for you.

We Can End Police Violence in America

Campaign Zero is a comprehensive platform of policy solutions to end police violence in America.

We can live in a world where the police don't kill people, by limiting police interventions, improving community interactions, and ensuring accountability.

It will take deliberate action from policy-makers at all levels of government to implement these policy solutions.

5 May 2014
The Honeysuckle Vine is thriving and blooming this year, thus, so it seems, are the bees thriving because of it.  It came to my attention several years ago that some folks consider the Honeysuckle Vine to be little more than a pesky weed.  I don't.  It's doing no harm in my yard, and because it clearly is supporting the bee population, I'm happy to provide a home for it.

The fragrance is strong and overwhelming, as is it's tendency, but after the vine not having done much for the past two years, I don't mind.  Why did it not bloom the previous two years?  Was it because of a too ambitious pruning?  Did it need a prolonged time of cold, like this past winter?   Maybe, like an Apple Tree, it does better every other year?  I simply don't know.  But this year it seems to really be doing it's part to support the bee population.  It is located directly outside the backdoor, so when going in and out, frequently, during the day it's a real joy to hear the vine abuzz with the activity of busy bees.