28 September 2017

UNM awarded $7 million for integrated behavioral health thrust

28 September 2017

UNM awarded $7 million for integrated behavioral health thrust.  “TREE Center” to optimize interventions statewide

Best of luck to a commendable effort,  but there will be challenges.

“The research team will study how social determinants, including historical trauma, adverse childhood experiences and the combined effects of poverty and discrimination, affect behavioral health, Cacari Stone says.”

Even so it is not always possible to know the spiritual strength that some children have been graced with that enable them to survive the worst of their problems without becoming pathological in some way, themselves.   Statistical labeling based on conjecture can be limiting.  And when children are warned to not talk about what goes on at home, particularly to school counselors because they will get into big trouble at home if they do, then that skews understanding and labeling based on statistics and conjecture.  When people who have experienced these traumas as children are working on the project as adults, their experience and insight is immeasurably useful, but not necessarily universal.

“If the research is successful, it will make a measurable impact in preventing or reducing youth suicide, alcohol and drug misuse, and depression in vulnerable populations, while improving access to behavioral health services.”

It can only be useful when facts are known.  Again, the warnings from home to remain silent loom large.

“It also will provide an opportunity to grow a diverse scientific workforce through training new investigators and building leadership capacity from under-represented minorities, she says.”

The kids who need it most may not talk, even though it might be obvious to adults what they are experiencing.  And trying to encourage them to can make them feel like lab rats because they know the will suffer more at home, in the extended family, and community if they do talk than if they do not . . . at least until they are adults and away from the circumstances.  Even then it may not be possible for some to discuss because some things simply can not be medicated and psyched away, especially when it is the spiritual realm that needs to be addressed and doctored, but not with the typical organized religion approach.

21 September 2017

creating good energy

We must move beyond identifying, feeling, and feeding off of the good energy of others in life, into being responsible for creating and manifesting good energy, ourselves.  This is something people must learn and relearn throughout life - every time devastating pain is experienced.  Aaron Doughty is a young man who does an excellent job of schooling us about creating and manifesting good energy in this video "5 Things to Give Up to Raise Your Vibration".  He includes a transcript on the forgiveness section.  And he shares good energy.  

From the mid 70's onward I was awake and learning to take personal responsibility for creating and manifesting good energy in my life, after having lived through a "dark night of the soul" from a crime being committed against me in 1970.  The person responsible for enabling the crime (also enabled by others), additionally, told people I had committed a crime I had not committed and never would have considered committing.  It created a long-term damaging ripple effect, as had been intended.

It would have been lovely to have a video like Doughtry's which has the potential to make such a process easier.  However, there is something to be said for learning to get through the obstructions of "the dark night of the soul" on one's own with very little trustworthy guidance other than one's own faith.  Doing so is certainly an exercise in becoming well acquainted with and learning to love the divine best self through the developing and deepening of personal faith.   The light at the end of the tunnel  is such a welcome relief and it comes in the form of encountering friends at that point who are also at the point of forgiving, healing, and enabling those around them to do the same.  These are the people who also do not have negative control issues, their joys abound, their lights are shining too.  You are all a safe haven for one another.

Manifesting good energy is such a wonderfully divine gift to be given and to be able to joyfully share.  But it can never be taken for granted.   It requires constant maintaining throughout life, and from time to time a lot of intensive labor, in some circumstances, which goes far beyond personal soul searching.

The "monkey wrench in the works" which is not covered in the video (because it is about manifesting GOOD energy in one's own life) is the reality of the influence of difficult "attachments".  Two particular types of attachment can create damaging difficulties, including ill health, because we have to work so hard to stay positive and not deplete ourselves of good energy in doing so:
1. The "difficult" people in the work place, who intentionally create negativity but do not ever change for the better, are impossible to avoid - enough.  It can become  necessary to change jobs to move beyond a constant exhausting struggle against sinking to damaging dysfunctional energy levels.

2. Most difficult can be family members who are not "awake" - yet - and who lean towards being self-destructive if not worse.   Part of the difficulty is that hope springs eternal, particularly when its hope about good outcome for family when there is nothing that can be done without becoming dysfunctional oneself.  It is work each must do for and on oneself.
These difficulties demonstrate the vital need to be able to become financially independent doing work one loves. And that requires some sort of vocational and/or academic education which creates opportunity for that work.

I want to add a little personal insight about forgiving, too, in addition to the treatment of it in the video.  Forgiving for damages done is not always easy.   I have schooled myself with a background knowledge and understanding of many religions, and the process lead to developing faith informed by religions.  I find that what comes to mind regarding the need to forgive is always a Christian verse from Luke 23:34:  "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do."

I have learned that when I need to forgive, I can not do so until experiencing the grace to first ask for forgiveness for those I must forgive.   Sometimes it happens immediately, sometimes it requires years of work.

Do yourself a favor and give a listen to what Aaron has to say in his uplifting video.

19 September 2017

Whatup? 這是怎麼回事? Quoi de neuf? Что происходит? ¿Qué pasa? كيف حالك؟

Wondering is an energetic process vital to the human
experience of the soul residing in the body, biologic.

Another large earthquake coincides with a hurricane . . . there is sure to be some interesting speculation in the fields associated with these types of events regarding the  repeated intersection of these two types of events.  Earth is going through something, but then we have all known that for a while, haven't we!   That we are all in it together (sort of like Noah's ark) and that we know, but do not know, can boggle the mind!
At one point transformation becomes destructive to the limits holding it back. But paradoxically until those limits are reached at critical mass, they are not breached and there is no transition, only a build up of potentially destructive energy. My intent is not to be cryptic, however speculating about the unseen but known of, always seems a bit cryptic. 

Some one posted the graphic, above, on Facebook the other day.   It brought to mind the difficulties I have had from time to time with some people being convinced I am off the deep because they wanted to consider that what I have to contribute to the discussion from my own perspective, is irrelevant.  That happens to everyone, periodically, often rudely, to some more than others. This little gem of a graphic sort of clarified that issue for me.  I could easily say that the problem is we are not from the same tribe - meaning that the way we approach understanding of life on this planet seems too divergent to want to make sense of the others perspective.  But that is the easy way out which is no way out at all because it superimposes unnecessary limits of understanding on everyone. 

I have long approached learning about and understanding the world around us in terms of how energy behaves. With some folks its biology, with others its the whole spectrum of the human experience. With me it is energy (physics) which I find fascinating and which  leads the way to better understanding of the world around us. 

Of course none of us learn from only one perspective.  When our perspectives intersect in whatever combinations they are unique to each of us, is when it gets interesting!  However, without making an effort to understand the unique combinations that are others perspectives, some only want to denigrate and defame other people simply because they arrived at similar conclusions via different paths.  The problem is in how we view the different paths others are following which in some ways differ culturally, perhaps because of different religions, nationalities, levels of education, career fields, ages, native languages, or more generally the combination of each persons varied life experiences. 

The cultural differences that some allow themselves to be uncomfortable or alarmed about, can be and are stereotyped in both negative and positive ways. Whatever it is that causes caution with respect to presupposing disagreement, is probably associated with a lack of familiarity of cultural differences which apparently creates trepidation about the possibility of what another might say.  Perhaps the caution is about not wanting to react to someone "different" in a way that might offend or be misunderstood.  Or, perhaps the individual with trepidation is, more simply, a bigot through and through but would prefer to not advertise the fact by over reacting to someone he or she labels as less than equal to themselves.  That certainly throws a monkey wrench into any works - and  is outside the scope of coverage of this topic!

So!  There are a few things to think about and rise above when interests coincide among folks with differing perspectives from which they have come to understood the same subjects.   Because, so many are so sure and so quick to point out that their understanding is better or best - as if comprehensive understanding is an either or thing, with only one right answer, and they have it, but it must be jealously guarded from anyone else being given credit for it!   However, in reality, sharing what is known from a variety of perspectives of understanding is the only way to combine the necessary details that lead to comprehensive understanding - to the critical mass of  understanding necessary for breaching any brick wall associated with any topic which is an obstruction to everyone in reaching the answers, enlightenment, and transformations that we all seek.

So . . .  I get it now.  I understand that  I am enamored of energy!   Nope, I haven't taken leave of my senses, don't have a screw loose,  am not certifiable.  Energy!  It is that invisible seemingly formless "stuff" the universe is so full of which pops into and out of elusive particles.  Sometimes it merges into something detectable, if only briefly, then eventually some of it coalesces into complex forms that eventually coalesce further and become galaxies full of solar systems.

Consider, for instance, the first microbes on earth. What spectacularly unique energetic process happened that resulted in life on earth . . . or did life originate out there in the great beyond before reaching earth?  Somewhere, at a specific moment, there was an energetic processes, as cause, that became the effect of life.  Biologists identify life in terms of biological processes. But I want to know how the process can be described in terms of energy's behavior!  I want to know this about everything - any process, not only life. 

I get it now, that all those other folks enamored of energy are my people, my tribe.  And anyone who does not like that can take their picnic short of a few sandwiches  somewhere else!  Or, stay because everyone's picnic is short of something which someone else brought extra of to share.   We all benefit from sharing thoughts with one another after having followed  different paths which have lead to arriving at the same place of wondering.  We each have our own worthwhile insights to contribute to a variety of subjects.

Wondering is an energetic process in which we all engage.  It is vital to the human experience of the soul while residing in the body, biologic.