28 September 2017

UNM awarded $7 million for integrated behavioral health thrust

28 September 2017

UNM awarded $7 million for integrated behavioral health thrust.  “TREE Center” to optimize interventions statewide

Best of luck to a commendable effort,  but there will be challenges.

“The research team will study how social determinants, including historical trauma, adverse childhood experiences and the combined effects of poverty and discrimination, affect behavioral health, Cacari Stone says.”

Even so it is not always possible to know the spiritual strength that some children have been graced with that enable them to survive the worst of their problems without becoming pathological in some way, themselves.   Statistical labeling based on conjecture can be limiting.  And when children are warned to not talk about what goes on at home, particularly to school counselors because they will get into big trouble at home if they do, then that skews understanding and labeling based on statistics and conjecture.  When people who have experienced these traumas as children are working on the project as adults, their experience and insight is immeasurably useful, but not necessarily universal.

“If the research is successful, it will make a measurable impact in preventing or reducing youth suicide, alcohol and drug misuse, and depression in vulnerable populations, while improving access to behavioral health services.”

It can only be useful when facts are known.  Again, the warnings from home to remain silent loom large.

“It also will provide an opportunity to grow a diverse scientific workforce through training new investigators and building leadership capacity from under-represented minorities, she says.”

The kids who need it most may not talk, even though it might be obvious to adults what they are experiencing.  And trying to encourage them to can make them feel like lab rats because they know the will suffer more at home, in the extended family, and community if they do talk than if they do not . . . at least until they are adults and away from the circumstances.  Even then it may not be possible for some to discuss because some things simply can not be medicated and psyched away, especially when it is the spiritual realm that needs to be addressed and doctored, but not with the typical organized religion approach.