21 November 2019

As the 2019 Impeachment Proceeds . . .

As the impeachment proceedings continue, 21 Nov 2019,  I am grateful to Dr. Fiona Hill for articulately expressing a clear understanding of the strategies and tactics of the “Cold War” -  which never did end.  If it is not clear  because of the proceedings, at least to those who grew up during the earliest era of the Cold War, then those to whom it is not clear have not been paying attention most of their adult lives.  Fact is that our nation’s political system has been under attack by those strategies and tactics for decades - to the point that they have been embraced by corrupt people elected and appointed to government positions in our nation, and worse used by those corrupt people no differently than they were used by "the threat" during the earliest era of the Cold War.  My only question is has it reached the point of no return from the corruption that the political party machines in our nation have so willingly embraced which has resulted in increasing corruption, through the decades, at all levels of government?

The Democratic party DID get caught, as Rep. Devin Nunes stated when the proceedings opened this morning.  And it traces back, most recently, to those who took leadership control with all paths leading to the many tentacled  long established corrupt "Clinton machine" so clearly obvious in the 2016 election season; with its less than honest and legal ways of trying to cheat we, the people, as a way to win the 2016 presidential election.  Those familiar with the Clintons’  bullying and badgering and lying method of party "leadership", at the expense of expecting others to pay the cost for their wrong-doing, knew the extent to which they play dirty and deadly and would be unable to avoid the temptation to continue to do so.  That the corruption of the Democratic party DNC became clear during the 2016 election season only revealed the head of the rampant monster of corruption.  It ignored the web of deceit that gave life to it.  Fact is that monster of corruption was functional before the Clintons.

Saying this does not mean those who have taken leadership of the Republican party are without similar issues, and when I say similar I clearly mean corrupt, unconscionably, unacceptable wrong-doing.  The way our nation is being steered very clearly indicates it is past time for the Republican party to also get caught - again.

Some may remember the corrupt campaigning of the 70s and before - a matter of corruption in both parties.  Did the extent of corruption that existed then, exist previously?   I can only speak of my own experience, so my own response is of course.  Recognizing contradictions that lead to recognizing corruption for the first time, whenever that may be in each person's life, does not mean the contradictions and corruption did not exist prior to that time.  For example the smoke screen confusion that continues to exist about the assassination of JFK, alone, certainly suggested corruption at the time, especially to young people in high school as we were realizing our civic responsibility to become responsible citizens even though we would still not be able to vote until age 21.

Fact is that the era of the most corrupt political party during the campaign season, which leads to the candidate of the most corrupt party winning the election, should be long past.  We, the people, deserve presidential candidates who are not puppets of corrupt political parties which, because of corruption in both parties, creates an unconscionable corrupt political process that has long needed to be cleaned up.  For the record I must state that when adults involve innocent young children and young adults in filthy political campaigning corruption, it is one of the worst crimes that occurs in our nation.  Grown adults also deserve better than to have their lives and opportunities hijacked by corrupt electioneering and political processes.  It should be clear why this comment needs to be made.  Anyone who does not realize that the corruption and results of the corruption will continue to become worse until a thorough clean-up occurs, is still not paying attention and understanding the complexity of the corruption that exists.

And if it is not clear. . . welcome to one of the many satellites of worldwide corruption, and the end of “the noble experiment” which was the United States of America.  Even though the colonial appropriation by force of an already settled land occurred before the colonies fought for and gained independence, the fact is that our system of government, as long as it was not overpowered by the superimposition of extensive corruption, could have survived and risen above its colonial corruption.  Our government and nation of people could have worked at living up to our nation’s stated values, principles, and ideals - as improved through revision - to not only make it clear that our inalienable rights and constitutional rights apply equally to all citizens, and are extended as well to permanent residents and visitors.  Without ignoring corruption we could have demonstrated our nation's willingness to want to live up to our nation’s stated values, principles, and ideals, through ethical policy choices at all levels of government, in all departments and institutions of government, and in how we all live our lives.