14 March 2023

The Problem with A.I.? It's DOA!

Reading an article today about a new version of ChatGPT, its creaters were saying it is "hallucinating"?  Hmm . . . well now exactly what does that say about its creators?  Perhaps more than they know. 

ChatGPT, GPT-4, and A.I. in general, are starting out "crazy" with A.I.  perpetuating source monitoring errors by getting confused about what is actual - real or unreal - along with being  ontologically confused about what is metaphorical or factual?  Clearly it is unavoidably mirroring its programmers.     

Perhaps the temporal problem of time-shifting that seems to be associated with time reflection echoing created A.I. "hallucinations"?

"Time reflection is a uniform inversion of the temporal evolution of a signal, which arises when an abrupt change in the properties of the host material occurs uniformly in space. At such a time interface, a portion of the input signal is time reversed, and its frequency spectrum is homogeneously translated as its momentum is conserved, forming the temporal counterpart of a spatial interface. Combinations of time interfaces, forming time metamaterials and Floquet matter, exploit the interference of multiple time reflections for extreme wave manipulation, leveraging time as an additional degree of freedom."1

For a while it has already been more difficult than normal to do meaningful specific searches on Google about topics that are not trending, not  popular, not of interest to all.  Coincidence or A.I. limits?

 A.I. is pre-programmed machine language based on what is essentially peer pressure interests i.e. what is trending in the online and programming world.  A.I. seems little more than  limited programmed automation on high speed computers, thus an inconvenience with information searches that make us all part of the experimental phase.  Compared to thought processes there is an obvious difference between interacting with reality, and interacting with quantum automation which is like a limiting lifeless ceiling that does not resonate with actual self-aware consciousness.

I do not like the  lifeless lack of energy in A.I. processing which is far different than actual conscious "thinking", even that which is not heavily laden with emotions but at least is associated with the life force.  There is no synchronicity without life force - instead only quantum speed programmed calculating.

A practical application anticipated by stock brokers, it seems, is a better outcome as they envision A.I. being used to guide clients and bankers.  Reading between the lines that seems about plotting the trends with quantum speed to be able ride the wave and stay on top of when to buy and sell for the most profit.  How can advertising not  become more phrenetic as a result?

1 Moussa, H., Xu, G., Yin, S. et al. Observation of temporal reflection and broadband frequency translation at photonic time interfaces. Nat. Phys. (2023). online: Nature, 13 March 2023 (accessed: 14 March 2023) https://www.nature.com/articles/s41567-023-01975-y