31 January 2020

The People vs. Political Parties

stop the nonsense
I do not trust the Republican Party.  I do not trust the Democrat Party.  I have no use for either of them because they have both demonstrated that they function more like organized crime than political parties, particularly when either party is a majority in the House and/or the Senate.  I simply have no use for the partisan politics the parties like to create.  And I do not know anyone who does have.  That means I have no use for any political party and have never been inclined to affiliate with any political party.  Do any normal people who have refrained from becoming frenzied by "divide and conquer" created polarity, trust either party or the dedication of the parties to partisan politics instead of their constituents - we, the people?  I doubt it.

Prior to the Iowa primary, I have been flooded with e-mail from the DNC asking for donations for "Unity".  I'm like Really!?  I thought I made it clear that not even minimal trust is possible after the criminality of the DNC processes  associated with its candidate selection in 2016.  It was a charade, imho, which was actually a series of crimes that should have resulted in people being prosecuted. 

I am extremely tolerant, to a fault, and repeatedly give another chance - too far into what is undeserved chance territory.  But when I finally realize there is no change for the better, and never will be, then any possible minimal trust I want to extend can no longer exist, and never will exist again. It is useless for anyone to try.  I have tried.  And since I have the most influence with me, I know that once I have reached the limit of my trust having been betrayed (rarely indicating during the processes of betrayal that it has been betrayed), then  my trust is gone - forever.  Nothing can change that like nothing can change a force of nature. It just is. 
Thus, my inability to trust the agendas, hidden and otherwise, of any political party. I highly doubt that I am atypical in this regard.

So, as usual, I will vote for whom I think will be the least damaging candidate.  I actually think we deserve an ethical  moral president with respectable good manners who knows how to talk to people without creating enmity - a uniter not a divider.  IF the DNC has the integrity, this time, to present an honest candidate for president who is lacking in moral turpitude, then of course I would be inclined to vote for that candidate.  That did not happen last time which is why I continue to say that the DNC voted our current Republican president into office. The DNC needs to own that, because it is a fact.

If the DNC screws up again, this time, then when I vote in the presidential election I will have no choice, and once again will not be able to vote for either the R or D candidate in 2020 like it was not possible to vote, in good conscience, for either the D or R candidate in 2016.  All voters will be in the same boat, no matter how we all vote.

I still think Ralph Nader's suggestion to put "none of the above" on every ballot, bears consideration - especially during times where dishonesty and narcissistic desire for dictatorial power are in play and take center stage, created and exacerbated by filthy party politics.  None of the dirty tricks in play  by political parties have been granted by our Constitution.  In fact our Founders did their best to make it clear filthy politics were neither intended to develop nor to be condoned if they emerged due to competing criminal elements in government.