18 July 2015

Negotiations with Iran: Hasbara Dictated by AIPAC for U.S. Congress to Promote.

Today's item is in the double standards category or "do as I say not as I do".

"Negotiations with Iran" is a set of four one-pagers from AIPAC (lobbying on behalf of Israel even though foreign lobbies are illegal in U.S).  Three are so-called "Fact" Sheets, one a Press Release, all of which are hasbara (i.e. a negative propaganda effort) intended as "guidance" for U.S. Congress.  In other words it is negative propaganda in the form of talking points from an illegal Israeli lobby, dictating to Congress what it "must" promote about the Iran agreement.

Each of the four one-pagers can be read with their accompanying brief details (not provided here) by clicking on the links.

Substitute "Israel" for "Iran" in every instance mentioned and to some it might become clear that  Iran's nuclear efforts followed Israel's lead.  The result:  Israel is highly agitated about Iran wanting to do what Israel did . . . develop a nuclear capability it intended to keep secret.  That Israel succeeded at it's clandestine effort, for decades, does not justify Israel's nuclear program.  That Israel wants to point the finger of blame (before the fact) at Iran for everything Israel is at fault for (after the fact) renders AIPAC's "Negotiations with Iran" an offensive double standard effort to dictate U.S. policy.

1.  Analysis:  An Unacceptable Deal

Five Points 
1.  Inspections and Verification
2.  Possible Military Dimensions
3.  Sanctions
4.  Duration
5.  Dismantlement

Israel's nuclear capability was clandestine until 1986, then after an unadmitted "open secret" to avoid complying with the Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which it still refuses to do.  
2.  6 Unacceptable Consequences

This item is the hasbara talking points the illegal Israeli lobby is dictating to U.S. Congress that it "must" promote about the Iran agreement.  Clearly, Israel is projecting it's own attitudes and policies onto Iran based on the consequences of Israel's nuclear program (what it has done for Israel) but according to Israel the same consequences are unacceptable for Iran.

1. Legitimize Iran As A Nuclear Threshold State
2. Raise The Prospect Of War
3. Spur A Nuclear Arms Race
4. Increase Iranian Support Of Terrorism
5. Strengthen The Iranian Regime
6. Undermine And Threaten Regional Allies

3.  Press Release: AIPAC Statement on Proposed Iran Nuclear Agreement

Again, substitute Israel and Tel Aviv for Iran and Tehran and the problem with Israel's nuclear program becomes clear, as well as Israel's double standard hasbara effort.

4.  Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions: Unanswered Questions

And again, substitute Israel for Iran and the problem with Israel's nuclear program becomes clear - except the "what do we know" section at the bottom given that Israel still does not want to divulge information about it's nuclear program to the IAEA.  Anyone who has been paying attention is well aware that Israel is every bit as demonstrably untrustworthy (or moreso) as it accuses Iran of being. And again Israel's double standard hasbara is clearly demonstrated.

1. Program Management Structure
2. Procurement Activities
3. Covert Acquisition of Bomb Fuel
4. Uranium- 235 Metal Core
5. Detonators
6. Bomb-Firing Test
7. Explosive Lenses
8. Computer Modeling
9. Neutron Initiator
10. Fuel Compression Experiment
11. Re-Entry Vehicle
12. Fusing, Arming and Firing System

Each of the above so called "Fact" Sheets (3) and the Press Release can be found at the AIPAC website with accompanying brief details (not included here).  (They were on the front page of the website at the time this was posted.) 

*One of many articles for background information:  The truth about Israel's secret nuclear arsenal And another: Pentagon's declassified document  from February 2015 about Israel's nuclear capability (blank spaces are redacted portions).