05 April 2019

A.I. Nightmares

I read an article today citing Sputnik International about Swedish scientists,  who want to build robot replicas of dead relatives:  "Would YOU turn your loved one into a robot clone? Swedish scientists are using AI to build androids that are 'fully conscious copies' of dead relatives, report claims".  Yes, Sputnik International, and we all know whose news that is.  No matter.  All media has been on the A.I bandwagon, as of late.  And it is probably going to be THE industry for the young adult generation of today, like IT was for the previous generation.  What else can they do with so many jobs becoming computerized.  Best to get in on the ground floor and create the machines that will do the work people would otherwise have done.  Right?  But this is about far more than that.

AIMy first thought was Wow!  What next! What do the Swedish people think about that!? I really do not want to be someone who "used to like Swedish people".  But common sense quickly came to the rescue. 

It gets worse,
because it is obviously not only "Swedish Scientists" engaged in wanting to merge A.I. with people and to upload minds of the deceased to machines.  The article also says there is a Terrasem Movement Foundation in Vermont working on technology to transfer consciousness of people to computers.  And the article claims Elon Musk's Neuralink company is dedicated to the same.  Anyone not thinking this is headed toward the Borg way of life?

Unregulated Unethical Research

Tell me these are not government funded programs!  Please!  We can only guess how long funds have been funneled into such research through "the black ops budget" which essentially means no oversight and no regulation.

Thing is these unregulated unethical research efforts ordinarily do not make the news until they are actually happening.   Worse is when they are government funded and with no oversight.  And in the past month or so A.I. articles started saturating the news - with nearly fully grown technology except for the absent foresight which includes ethics, regulation, and oversight.  That means there has been a lot of work prior to all the A.I. hype in the press and on the news.  It is no secret Japan and China both have been obsessed with and working on A.I. for much longer.

Recorded and Impersonated

It is clearly all the more reason to e-mail (or text) instead of talk on the phone - particularly when "trapped" with long futile "recorded for training purposes" customer service (CS) calls, isn't it . . .

It has long been known the intent of some scam phone calls is to record one's voice so it can be used by crooks to impersonate.  The only difference with folks who use the "recording for training purposes" disclaimer is that unless you object their recording is legal.  Be that as it may, it does not mean unethical use of the recordings is legal.

And what happens when someone does not agree to the call being recorded and asks to talk to someone who does not need to be recorded "for training purposes"?  My guess is a refusal of service.  I do not know anyone who has ever tried to challenge that unreasonable "request".  Because the request is made in the form of a statement which requires refuting if one objects, a caller would need to make a point of refusing to permit the recording.

One Person's A.I. Heaven Is Another Person's A.I. Hell

When one's life has become a terribly resistant unreasonable facsimile in a false reality (usually known way before the threatening extreme, actually) it is very clear those ass-covering phone call disclaimers about being recorded actually mean those unscrupulous people are selling one's voice to unscrupulous folks who are using it in the way the article reveals - their cloning efforts, biological and/or A.I.  It adds a whole other dimension to "reality check", doesn't it.

The effort the article speaks of is the same as trying to imprison a person's soul in a dimension they have transcended i.e. where they do not belong and should not be. It would be analogous to the way religions describe purgatory and/or hell.

Don't believe it? Apply the scientific method and prove me wrong. I guarantee we need another law to protect individuals (living and dead!) by regulating how recorded phone calls (all recordings actually), photos, and animated videos can NOT be used - guarantee.