23 March 2019

No Full transparency? No Consent.

Putting the news on this morning what first drew my attention was the annoying news feed crawler at the bottom of the screen which stated that a Democrat in a city in New Mexico has stated that abortion is about women choosing to get pregnant.  My first thought was do people never stop trying to make that red herring into a political issue.

A Woman's Choice Is Not about Politics

First let’s reformulate that comment to remove politics from it, simply because a woman’s choice about anything in her life is not the subject of party politics - it is about her inalienable rights.  So we will start, instead, with the comment that abortion is about women choosing to get pregnant - forget about "a Democrat in a city in New Mexico" because neither an opinion of a political party nor of a state have any bearing on anyone's inalienable rights.

Lets start out being honest and real.  Do all women think alike about this?  Of course not.  But I guarantee that each women deserves the right to choose instead of having some other person choose for her and so does each man.   After all natural pregnancy requires one of each.  Without expanding on the  comment "abortion is about women choosing to get pregnant", the full meaning and associated requirement of her consent is not communicated.

Let’s also start with stating the fact that sex and birth control are all about choice and consent.  So, other than abortion for health reasons, when there has not been choice, consent, and mutual agreement of both people, then abortion is almost always the last resort a woman has when she has not been part of a discussion that includes her choice, her consent, and her right to have the opportunity to formulate a mutual agreement.

An Unequivocal Statement

Abortion is almost always an  unequivocal statement of there having been an absence of choice and consent on the part of a woman who is  a responsible, honest, law-abiding person, with a purpose in life - other than, or in addition to her biological ability to be a child-bearer who intends to create the family she envisions when she is prepared to do so.

It is a crime, literally, to act on imagining that any woman’s future must require accommodating sexual use and abuse as if she is owned and not due the respect of being asked.  A woman should never be expected to be subject to others' (like family) or any one person's (like a significant other) narcissistic assumption that she has made a choice she has not made.

It is a crime to make a choice for a woman without her consent or knowledge;  a crime for an abuser to make  any effort whatsoever to collude with his and/or her family and friends to plan her future for her without her knowledge and consent.  A woman always needs to be included in a discussion about her future, no matter who imagines they have the right to superimpose their ownership and control onto her future without her knowledge and consent.  When it comes to anyone else imagining they can influence and have control over when and with whom she may or may not choose to bring a soul to life, a woman has a right and is required to be part of a discussion of her future, a discussion which leads to either  mutual agreement or a civilized parting of the ways.

It Is Not Allowable to Assume a Woman’s Consent

What is so difficult about understanding that without full transparency it is not allowable to assume a woman’s consent?  It is a crime to assume consent no matter who is making the assumption and it does not matter who wants to assume  or when they want to make that assumption.  Full transparency and disclosure about what other people want and imagine they have the right to assume they can demand about what they want for a woman, is a requirement upon which a woman’s choice and consent is dependent.   Anything less is unacceptable.  It truly is an easy to understand concept.

Don’t want to respect a woman’s “no“?  Want to force sex without her consent?  Want to cause her death by getting someone pregnant with her soul because she does not accept your ownership of her and your dictating of her choices in life?  Want to dictate a woman’s future without her knowledge and consent, with or without cooperation of her friends and family or anyone else with whom there is collusion to plan her future?  Then you damned well better expect abortion when pregnancy is a result and be happy she stops there instead of putting a death squad into action to rid her life of all parasitic abusers who have wanted to claim and assume ownership of her and her inalienable rights choices.  Obviously it is not only about pregnancy.  It is about a woman's right to make choices for her own life in every way. 

An Easy Concept to Understand

This is some real information about the necessity of required discussions associated with an overly generalized statement of abortion being about women choosing to get pregnant.  Although it is, unstated and most important is the fact that discussions which fully disclose purposes and intention are required, not only so that a woman has the right to consent if she so chooses, but also so that a narcissistic abuser can not later claim having been emotionally damaged by a woman who was been forced to choose abortion because of the narcissistic abuse intended to own her, live her life for her, make her choices for her, all being ill-intended efforts to emotionally damage her, instead. That intent is evident when a woman has not been part of a discussion about her life which requires her knowledge and her consent.  Once more, for all the required reasons, it is an easy concept to understand. 

No full transparency?  No chance of consent!