09 November 2023

The Unresolved Mandate of Palestine: Three Realities, Two Solutions

There are three realities created by the unresolved Mandate of Palestine, and two solutions which have been on the table for decades without either having been fully negotiated.

1. The unnegotiated Partition of the Palestinian Mandate, is the reality of the nations of the world which has yet to resolve the final boundaries of the partition.  It has been recognized as the legal  reality by the nations of the world for 75 years.  And it is known as the "The Two State Solution".  

2. The reality of the Palestinian people living in what the Israeli government has said is  "disputed territory" due to the unresolved Partition, is the brutal deadly martial law in the Apartheid Reserve/Reservation system Palestinians have lived under since 1967, for five generations, the very youngest being the start of the sixth generation.  The Palestinians living in the Apartheid Reserves are not citizens and have no rights.  It is the actuality.   And it is known as "The One State Solution".

3. There is also the reality of the Israeli people.  Their government denies both solutions, and will not negotiate either the legal reality that is the brutally deadly "Two State Solution" or the brutally deadly  dysfunctional actuality of the Apartheid "One State Solution".  And in its denial the Israeli government continues to blame and kill Palestinians with it's illegal relentless continual 75 years of betrayal through deceit and every form of fraudulent corruption it has used as an excuse to target Palestinians in their own land.  The Israeli reality is the basis of the "any means to an end" ideology of political zionism which is the foundational structure of their Israeli government.

In other words, in actuality the political zionist government of Israel has repeatedly betrayed the entire world of nations with its deceiving corruption by violating agreements, UN resolutions, the 4th Geneva Conventions, International Law, agreements to which is it signatory with conditions it has not  honored.  Of course the worst betrayal and harm has been the intentional victimizing of Palestinian refugees since 1948 (for 75 years) who have also been the target of Israel's very active brutal, deadly, illegal abuse since 1967 (for 55 of those 75 years) which is a very long list of violations.  It includes the atrocity of several genocidal attacks on Palestinian people, with the most frequent genocidal collective punishment (for being Palestinian) being indiscriminate killing of thousands of  people in Gaza.

It is a special type of betrayal the Israeli government perpetrates on the Israeli people.  Increasingly more have eventually realized it is not possible, in good conscience, to remain silent and deny the relentless violations and crimes that have been occurring.  Increasingly more Israelis have realized the violations and crimes are a betrayal to Judaism, themselves, Palestinians, and the nations of the world, many of whom have trusted and loved the idea of the myth of Israel without having questioned the obvious contradictions, or relentless betrayals by the Israeli government.

The  people most overwhelmed by the 75 years of betrayal by the government of Israel when the actuality of it penetrates their consciousness, are those who have been accommodating it the longest until they finally start questioning what has been happening. Then they realize they have either been supporting it out of an  unconditional loyalty and  trust, or in ignorance, based in both cases on Israel's misleading hasbara which its staunchest political zionist cheerleaders outside of Israel also perpetrate.  When those who start doing their own research to prove people wrong who they want to believe are unjustly criticizing the government of Israel, then they increasingly feel betrayed as they  find that the context which was provided by people who they wanted to believe, was wrong and instead, is factual - with the facts having nothing to do with anti-semitism. 

Bogusly claiming anti-semitism has long been the government of Israel's go-to response to all who speak up with bona fide facts about the fraudulent betrayals of the Israeli government - without a word of blame directed at Judaism or Jewish people neither of which can not be blamed for the atrocities of the Israeli government.  The government of Israel has also made a bad habit of abusively targeting people everywhere in the world  in any way possible who refuse to be silent about the government of Israel's intended ongoing victimizing of Palestinian refugees in their own land.

Seventy five years  is too long for the world of nations to accommodate an overwhelming burden of denied betrayal by the government of Israel that not only has been directed at Palestinian refugees in their own land, but also anyone who speaks of the government of Israel’s long-term ongoing brutal betrayal to Palestinians in their own land.  It is also a betrayal to Israelis, and all the people of the world who at one time loved the idea and myth of a modern day Israel for what they believed it was, and had the potential to be without doing harm to anyone.