09 November 2021

Unified Physics or GUT or TOE or Reality - It's All the Same

A video with comments from a self-described non-science perspective that dovetails Nassim Haramein's work in unified physics with religious and philosophical explanations and descriptions, that have been evident in words and geometric representations throughout history. 

Unified/Unity Physics, as in  the Theory of Everything (TOE), or Grand Unified Theory (GUT), long a pursuit of physicists, is where  mathematical formulas which are relationships among variables, defined by mathematical equations/algorithms, apply equally at every size  - the entire range between smallest scale and largest scale.  

Of course smallest (quantum) and largest (universe) remain infinite/eternal/"undefined" which tends to be the limit of being a soul in a physical body; also it is where the mystery of origin/cause/creator/God(s) exists for individuals and religions in terms that can not be and do not need to be described. 

Haramein's recent on-going work is spoken of which is about precise relationships of variables used in mathematical formulas, that have a  margin of error to 13 decimal places which is far more accurate than earlier relational formulas.  It has a foundation in his process of redefining and recalculating the radius of a proton from many years ago, the more precise measure having been independently verified many times over,  the the new measure having been applied and accepted, without ado. (Yes, <smile> "ado" is considered to be a somewhat archaic word, but there is no more suitable word to convey the precise meaning.)

The work of more precise calculations and relationships between and among variables, adds a whole new level of accuracy to mathematical formulas which suggests "normalizing" is no longer required (some think it never was acceptable!) to account for magnitude of error that is a result of less precise accuracy.  These variable relationships are used in all sciences, thus bring more precision to all sciences.  They are increasing being applied for more accurate results.  

Haramein's work is the "big deal" the video conveys it is believed to be.  With peer review and reproducible work other scientists are doing which also makes it their own  work too, it brings more precision as the changes it precipitates become more common place. Sometimes decades pass before acknowledgement of credit where credit is due - sometimes, not.

Here are representative, though not exhaustive examples of the magnitude of the number of formulas and the variable relationships they describe, to which more increased precision applies across the entire spectrum of science:
Formulae Sheet for Physics
from concepts-of-physics.com