15 June 2021

Is YOUR Opinion Based on Merit and Character . . . or Something Else?

I have watched a few reports from SKY News Australia - its political agenda seems similar to FOX News, which is not my priority go to news station.  Even so the brief SKY News video, below, about Kamala Harris conveys a lot of useful, though unpleasant, information.

What I understand the American who is being interviewed in the video to be conveying to people in other nations about the people in our nation, and the U.S.A. in general is, those who disagree with Kamala Harris about anything are considered to be racist and/or sexist.

Drawing that conclusion is the same as accusing those who selected her, and accusing her of having agreed to the appointment, because the purpose was for her to fulfill some type of quota because she is Black, Asian, and a Woman; not because of her proven merit, skills, and abilities as an individual.

I see . . . however if that was the case there would have been transparency associating that with her selection. Right?  Am I being sarcastic, here?  Yes, a little, but about the transparency problems of our government, in general.

What the American who was interviewed conveys to me is an effort to blame Americans for being sexist and/or racist when they are not in lock step with the stated views of someone in government who is considered to be qualified to fill the position.  As far as I am concerned if Kamala Harris was not capable of filling that position, she would not have been appointed to fill it by someone who was also appointed to fill that position in a past administration, and knows the responsibilities of it, well.

If anyone wonders who is trying to keep racism and sexism "alive", to give it an increasingly destructive life of it's own, consider that the news interview at the end of the video is representative of the thinking of those who are actively working at doing so.

Who wants to make up the rules that if you aren't a stanch fan of Kamala Harris it is because you are racist and/or sexist? If that isn't YOU, then it must be someone else, right? But who and why?

Live there if you want to, but don't expect me to join you.  It is not good for our nation.  It is also not my own reality - not the one I have been part of working to keep alive and healthy so that it thrives, since before I was an adult - that being the reality that it is the content of character of people that matters most, and how we apply it to the work we do and our personal lives.

We are all entitled to our political opinions without being considered to be racist and/or sexist because of our opinions, when they have nothing to do with race or gender.