19 December 2020

What We Still Need To Know About mRNA Vaccines

If anyone else is uncomfortable about the lack of transparency regarding the vaccines, here is a very brief definition  that informs about mRNA, i.e. Messenger RNA, which has been synthetically created to create functional vaccines that genetically engineer the DNA of everyone who is inoculated.  At least that is what can be understood from learning basic elementary information about mRNA and how it is used in vaccines.

Personally, this eases my mind - some, but not enough to continue to stop being very dubious about the end result of the debacle that was 2020 - covid-19 vaccines.  There are still too many questions to feel comfortable about the intense pressure to be vaccinated.

The definition states that mRNA is "one of the types of RNA" . . . and mentions "this particular" type of RNA.

That information, alone, is way too vague and leaves room for too many possible assumptions.  Granted I am not a Biologist, and have never had an interest in biology so am one of the most uninformed people about the subject of biology.  Even so it is very clear to me, as one of the most uninformed, that we are lacking in basic information about mRNA which everyone is capable of understanding if presented.  So, questions arise:

1) So not all RNA is "messenger" RNA, as the statement seems to be saying?

) IF
mRNA it is the ONLY "messenger" RNA, then wouldn't it carry all messages to our DNA?

3) IF mRNA is the ONLY "messenger" RNA, then when mRNA is bioengineered how do we know what effect it has on all the rest of the messages that are carried to DNA, given that everything is interrelated and interdependent?

MOST importantly the definition states: "in general, one gene, the DNA for one gene, can be transcribed into an mRNA molecule that will end up making one specific protein."  And the accompanying article seems to be saying a "synthetic mRNA that codes" for an additional protein is being inserted into a specific gene.  So, again, questions arise.

1) Which gene is being bioengineered, and what else does the gene do - what are its other functions?

2) How do we know what effect that gene has on all the rest of our DNA - especially when it is altered through bioengineering and changes how everything that gene does is interrelated and interdependent in ways that either no one knows, or is not revealing.

3) Next generation does it turn everyone's hair green, or everyone's eyes purple?  In other words has a seemingly healthy child been born whose parents were vaccinated before conception?  This question is not as silly as it may seem.

Inquiring minds need to know - that means more detailed, basic, information should be readily available as part of news reports, provided for all, especially because the vaccine is being pushed so hard and fast - with only minimal descriptive information other than labeling it as an "mRNA" vaccine.  

If the answers are NOT known, then we all deserve to be honestly told.  Scientists probably have a non-disclosure agreement, so pharmaceutical companies need to stop trying to play "God" (so do scientists and so do governments) when it comes to what we do NOT know about what else the additional protein does to our DNA and its long term effects.

Brief definition of mRNA:  Messenger RNA (mRNA)

A little more clarity about how mRNA is used in vaccines:  COVID-19 Vaccination - What Is Messenger RNA?