15 May 2020

2020 Hindsight and Foresight

Wondering how many other folks are tired of feeling like we are all living as test subjects in a medical school experiment in cahoots with the psychology folks' experiments (emotions causing psychosomatic illnesses) - individuals in both demographics cooperating (in some cases unbeknownst) with government's efforts to try to create dictatorial tyranny in nations where it does not already exist.  That seems the intended outcome of diligently using all forms of media to create confusion for everyone about causes and effects of CoVid-19 which cavalierly has lead to a lot of victims as collateral damage due to ill intended chaos which has spawned unavoidable incompetence. "Victims" because people, rightfully so, are not willing to be self-sacrificial at the altar of obvious corruption. The motives of the efforts?  Apparently they are personal gain, and support of personal gain for all those who enable the incompetence and ill-intent which more or less have been having the effect of feeling like concentrated efforts from many directions to create dictatorship since the start of the year.  How else can the well planned chaotic unpreparedness that has been intent on creating cognitive dissonance in as many people as possible, be interpreted?

That method is an effective way to wear down entire populations of people so that their day to day struggles eclipse, as a  priority, their recognition of what looks like and feels like contradictory and bungling efforts to create tyranny - the corrupt bungling not being as obvious when people are a captive audience focused on survival issues, due to circumstances.  Fact is that many of us had parents and/or grandparents who taught us about these types of corruption as hallmark efforts which resulted in destruction of the economy and lead to WWII.  Perhaps all war (whether one-sided, two-sided, or world-wide) is a result of similar efforts of people in government with dictatorial intent to build empires at cost of entire populations of people - their own and those in other nations they want to occupy and colonize.

Where is this leading?  Well, only partly to wondering if other folks were sent e-mail from census.gov asking covid questions "for statistical purposes"; questions inquiring about emotional states associated with income being interrupted, worry about not being able to pay bills, needed products not being available, food insecurity,  negative feelings of depression, hopelessness etc.   So why has census.gov been tasked to do this - an added task in a census year?  Why not at least wait until the end of 2020?  After all, when we make time to pay attention, timing can be everything!  Is it an effort to try to understand how successful the unreasonable facsimile year of 2020 has been, so far?  An effort to have statistical results ready by the end of June which is only half way through the year?  Are results intended to dictate revisions to the path forward for those who have so egregiously conjoured up the schedules of events for 2020? 

Does it help to know this is not the first rodeo for many of us; to know that we have reasons for well-founded suspicions associated with the intent of obvious corruption - obvious even without the substantiating facts which time will reveal?