30 October 2019

Scourge of the Earth

Know a scourge of the earth someone  whose uncivilized violating troglodyte attitude and behaviors are strong - a verbal abuser who goes directly for the jugular or the head when you say no?  Someone not prevented from relentlessly seeking out every timeline they can find to violate you even though you have warned that will happen?  Someone who thinks you deserve a lifetime of suffering for saying no to them, for saying no to them harming others, for not wanting them to pollute the gene pool with their uncivilized attitudes and behavior, even though they never asked and instead assumed?  Reparation can not make up for the damage that is intended by their relentless evil retributive vengefulness.  And death is sometimes preferable for the person who will not accept or condone the narcissistic abuse  whether it actually originates with the violator or a psychopathic narcissist for whom the violator cooperates as one of the narcissist's minions of flying monkeys - whether the cooperation is out of ignorance or due to extortion and for  profit.

Evil violators are predators who did have the capacity to be good, but turned bad; for example, someone who is willing to be a flying monkey for a psychopathic narcissist because there is something in it for them when they cooperate - money, being given "ownership" of  another person, not being harmed.  It could be anything.  People turn bad for a number of "reasons" often  because their lives are threatened in some way or they have been damaged to the point of being unable to endure any more intentionally inflicted emotional pain.  Evil preditors know that one of the best ways to succeed at turning good people bad is to get them addicted. 

Destructive and addictive drugs  are one of the most effective ways used to "leverage" the behavior of folks who have already gone bad
(pharmaceuticals included).  Addicting people to sex is also one of the most effective ways particularly if they are not cooperative about becoming addicted to drugs.   Of course there are also other addictions.  Obsessions are also a type of addiction, even though they often create good outcomes.  Managed properly they need not rise to the level of "addiction" unless they are controlled by someone else like damaging addictions are.

Physical violence and emotional abuse are all that remain when a targeted person will not cooperate with an effort to superimpose addiction.  Because there is more of a chance that a person who is violent will eventually be found out, emotional abuse becomes a sure bet.  It is rarely known about, including by the abused person - at least initially.  There are very few suspicions about emotional abuse occurring thus few questions about the possibility, particularly when a person is very young.  Emotional abuse is often the abuse of choice directed at the very young. However, young empaths WILL remember - bet on it.  When it is coupled with physical violence the youngest victims often end up dead - or wishing they were if they live and still do not speak of it.

Any grown empaths protecting the young empaths will also know and be deemed crazy if/when they try to warn about the abuse of a young child.  Grown empaths and young empaths
, alike, can suffer their entire lives for not having been able to do anything to prevent a child from suffering - knowing at the time that something is terribly wrong but not knowing enough about the evil which is occurring to able to find a way to prevent it; sometimes because of being unable to imagine evil that does occur.  That too is a sure bet - the results of which anyone can take to the bank.