01 August 2019

No. The Sacred Boundary

with_loveNo.  No, means my consent is not given, because it never was given, and I say no now, as I would have said no, then, about a sacred boundary in my life that was violated without my knowledge.  And I continue to say no about the right to consent having been violated the times  when I have said no.  And I say no, now, to past violations unknown to me at the time to which I could not say no then because I did not know about the violation.  It is my right, as it is everyone's right to insist, in retrospect, that the sacred boundary of no be respected as the sacred boundary it was then and still is. Some may not understand this, but it actually is not a cryptic statement.

No.  It is easy to say and easy to understand.  But what if you do not have the opportunity to say no?  Then it is a crime, actually.  Anything done for or to someone else without their knowledge means there was no consent.  It is simply criminal to do something to or for someone without their consent particularly when it results in damage to that person.  The absence of knowing something was  done to or for oneself never did confer consent - the absence of consent, can only and always be understood as no having been said. 

Yet every day in every way people use and abuse children without their knowledge which also means it was and is without their consent.  The same people who get away with doing so, do the same to adults by honing the skills  on young children they know they need to be able to abuse teens and adults without being apprehended by those they abuse.  And the first skill required is successfully being able to denigrate, lie about, misrepresent, and twist truth about a child.  That is how abusers hone their skills which are later applied to adults, especially adults who have been abused in that same way by the parents or guardians in their lives who considered themselves to be “owners” of their children instead of knowing they were divinely entrusted to be sacred guardians of their children.

I am here to say, to tell wounded souls that after the fact, even long after the fact, every one has a right to say no to what happened without their knowledge and consent.  Can they consent later once they do know?  Sure, if they have concluded it was for the best and want to consent.  But no one can ever be deprived of his or her right to say no,  after the fact.  The boundless nature of time allows that, actually. 

Even when an adult is required to make a decision for an infant, an infant needs to be spoken to and informed as the fully souled human being the infant is, whether or not an adult realizes that and whether or not it is believed the infant understands.  That is what it is part of raising a child as a divine guardian rather than an “owner”. 

 It may be, in the youngest years, that a child does not always have a choice.  That does not mean a child should not be informed of decisions made on his or her behalf.  Maybe the child is even able and willing to agree or disagree.  Point is that in later years, and in retrospect, we become spiritually aware enough to take personal responsibility for processing our lives and knowingly taking full responsibility for our entire lives.  We become the parent to self who was needed then, and as such we have the right and ability to say no about anything done to or for us without our knowledge, and without our consent, even if it was with our consent at the time when we might not have known what we said yes to, were coerced into saying yes, or did not object to avoid being punished. 

Taking our rightful place as the trustworthy loving parent to self, we now know enough to ask for consent from our younger selves, all along the way, child and adult, about individual choices made for us.  We discuss  to the extent necessary with our younger self to be able to arrive at a  decision which may or may not be consent from our younger self.  Remember, our younger self is fully souled, however the main job of a young child is needing to master every aspect of physicality which is daunting and overwhelming hard work as much as it is an adventure.  It is our job as the parent to self, in retrospect, to know that and to be able to offer our guidance in discussion with the younger self at all ages, in ways we know the self is able to understand. 

However, once the younger self understands what was not previously known, even when a child, that younger self has the absolute right to provide consent, or not.  And because we are that child and that child is us, all of our own wisdom and knowledge, all of our ability and need to live in love, is within that younger self, also.  It is our job to make it right, especially vital to the damaged child, so that damage can be undone.  The process is similar to needing to make it right with that child for choices we ourselves made.  However this is about the sacred boundary everyone starts life with which is about consent that can only be given when it is with one's knowledge of what is being consented to; without one's knowledge consent can not be assumed to be granted - which is the sacred boundary.

The beauty of “processing” one’s life is in being able to understand, comfort, console, guide, love, and in some cases make it right for that younger self, particularly the child who was self, so that the harm is undone, or at least highly minimized. When possible restitution can and must be made, not simply required “payment” as punishment to the damager because it is not about punishment and it is not about payment as restitution. Real restitution requires restoration of all the good that was damaged, taken, destroyed by the individual souls who were misguided “owners” of their children and/or spouses, or in some cases restitution made for damage caused by souls given permission by those who “owned” or were a sacred guardians to a child, some of whom may have believed they were making a good choice for the child, or in some cases may not have been able to make any other choice. 

All that we need to know is actually revealed to us, when we have  spiritually prepared ourselves to be able to receive what we need to know.  First what we need to know about self is revealed to us.  Then depending on the work we do in life because of our purpose, sometimes what we need to know about ourselves and others is revealed to us for the purpose of healing self.  Sometimes that puts us in a position to do what is possible to assist those others to spiritually prepare to receive what they need to know, so that it is also revealed and entrusted to them to apply properly in their lives and the lives of those they are in a position to help in that same way. 

We often find the people who damaged others because of considering themselves to be “owners” rather than sacred guardians, were “owned” themselves in childhood.  Unfortunately for some, that ownership extends into adult life and becomes increasingly difficult from which to extricate oneself.  It requires determined consistent work to do so.  Often in such cases that problem extends back into many previous generations.  When we seek what we need to know we will be granted the insight and wisdom that accompanies it, to be able to know when and how a specific aspect of the problem entered into an ancestry line, and we will be able to see how it developed into a far more complex problem in subsequent generations, also how it was eradicated in some of the ancestry lines. 

In some cases what we need to know will take us far back into the unrecorded history of our ancestors, even into prehistoric times, as needed, so that we can be informed, and know what it is possible to more fully understand and either consent to, or put an effective end to a choice that was never consented to because someone made a choice for us without our consent.  We are there, in the ancestry line, no doubt about it, so connecting with self does happen.  Given the needed information, we can put an end to a problem that has been  revealed to us in our ancestral lines at whatever point it became a problem that violated our sacred boundary. 

In my personal experience that is what is know as a way of  healing our ancestors by healing ourselves, as well healing ourselves by healing our ancestors.  There is potential for healing to be activated in many ancestral lines, not only our own. Sure it is a rabbit hole much longer and deeper for some than others.  But it is ours to enter into in total and complete faith in our own divine guidance.  We do not even need to know any of our ancestors for this process to activate in our lives.  When we are spiritually prepared, it will.  It can be easier to understand if one has at least a vague memory of having happened upon information that was imparted at some point which then becomes pertinent.

To repeat, to have knowledge of and give consent about everything done for or to us is a right of all.  That means everyone has a boundary that is inviolable which must be respected - that being nothing can or should be done to or for anyone without their knowledge.  Anything that is without one’s knowledge is automatically understood to be a violation, because it is impossible to provide consent when one has no knowledge of what one does have a right to say no to.  It is supposed to be understood by all as a boundary, a sacred boundary as part of everyone's life that IS  inviolable which does not allow someone else doing to or for us without our consent.  

It is a boundary that is everyone’s and everyone should know that from day one and be able to expect and trust the boundary will be respected.  And when old enough to speak a person needs to know they can and should insist that inviolable boundary be recognized and respected in their own life as they recognize it is to be respected by them and everyone else, in the lives of others. 

A soul not willing to make amends is required to make whatever restitution is required to undo the damage that was done because of no consent, when there was no knowledge of something that was done to or for another. Without one's knowledge an understood yes does not exist, ever.  It never means yes simply because someone imagines they can get way with violating and it will not be known.  The damaged soul always knows, and in time with enough spiritual evolution the details of what happened and the identity of the souls responsible will be revealed, no matter how complex the collusion might be throughout time.  The damaged individual needs that knowledge and retains the right throughout time to still say no in the here and now, the right which  did not exist in the past because it was violated without the damaged soul's knowledge.  It is necessary for that to be revealed for a soul in life to be able to become whole again, in body, heart, mind, soul, and spiritual universal consciousness.  And a certain amount of spiritual evolution must occur naturally before it is divinely revealed.  If it is not possible for amends to be made then an additional lifetime may be required of the offender though the soul to whom the amends need to be made may not necessarily also be in the subsequent lifetime as the soul to whom the amends need to be made. 

If it sounds like karma, yes, it is. However karma is not punishment.  It is opportunity to work at perfecting the soul when we step up to take the spiritual responsibility of perfecting our souls.  Spiritually evolved Christians might understand that to be taking personal responsibility to become more Christ-like.  Even though many believers in the monotheistic religions are not aware reincarnation and karma are part of the religions, they are. Working off karma is a process.  It is known more simply by some as forgiveness.  However, the details of the process are not provided, only the concept of forgiveness being granted is taught.  Reincarnating for a few or many reasons a soul chooses to incarnate, when the soul is again prepared  to do so, is an opportunity  provided to learn lessons which need to be learned and to prove the lessons have been learned.  There are  shorter processes that occur very quickly by comparison in the "present".  It can be crazy making, or it can be a blessing - though often it starts out crazy making and ends up a blessing. The shorter processes in the present are almost always demanding and strenuous processes.

Sacred boundaries are important in life.  And our right to say no is one of the most important that should not be violated which often has a high and unexpected price for those who do violate anyone's right to say no. That "price" can depend on the extent to which violated souls have evolved.  When we are compassionate, merciful, say and do all with our life energy in love with divine guidance, then violating souls do not always pay as high a price, once our own souls naturally expand more fully into aspects of Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness as it is known by some. 

No.  No, means my consent is not given, because it never was given, and I say no now, as I would have said no, then, about a sacred boundary in my life that was violated without my knowledge.  And I continue to say no about the right to consent having been violated the times  when I have said no.  And I say no, now, to past violation unknown to me at the time to which I could not say no then because I did not know about the violation.  It is my right, as it is everyone's right to insist, in retrospect, that the sacred boundary of no be respected as the sacred boundary it was then and still is.  Some may fully understand this is not a cryptic comment.