10 August 2018

A Poem

Hidden Treasures

I was selected.
It was a punitive response
To seeking the truth
And speaking of it.

Then I chose . . .
To overcome a clandestine enemy,
First appearing,
In guise of treachery,
As a destructive manipulator
To punish for crimes not committed.

In the midst of battling grave injustices,
The treasures of kindred souls beckoned,
To show the way, glittering like no gold can;
Precious gems amidst the rubble
Of what had been homes, domicile of a nation,
Their beauty now visible only to the guileless.

Battles against deceit raged all around,
Exploding into death and destruction,
As the crumbled ruins of lives and homes
Serenely waited; 
Dusty foundations, for the soul of a nation,
To rise upon in symphony, rebuilding.

Rich blessings settled in my soul,
Abundant in their grace,
Wondrous, and transcendent;
Transforming as they increased,
To overflow their bounds,
Combating duplicity with honesty . . .

Because I chose.
I now bless my friend the enemy,
For selecting me
As a weapon of its self-destruction.
Autumn 1993