15 April 2016

Political Zionists on a Mud Slinging Rampage about Simone Zimmerman's Opinions

That didn't take long.   There is a petition to reinstate Simone. I signed.

The ideological political Zionists didn't take long to start slinging mud at Simone Zimmerman.  What was it . . . three days?  Here we have another example of personal opinions posted on social media that get folks in trouble with employers.  The comment in question was made March 2015 - long before Zimmerman was hired. Who would go looking for something in social media to complain about other than ideological political Zionists who support Bibi's arrogance and deceit on behalf of Israel?  Her personal opinion (no matter how public it became) does not mean she is unable and unwilling to represent Sanders' in a professional capacity as Outreach Director.

My guess is that the people who might be offended by Simone's comments, had she not made them, would be so offended by her opinion of the evils of the destructive ideology of political Zionism, they would have complained about that endlessly, in an effort to get her fired.  That they found some vulgarly stated truth simply speeded up that process. 

The question is:  Do Simone's personal opinions garner more support for Sanders or alienate more potential supporters?

Her opinions should not really matter as long as she is good at directing outreach.  But it is a matter of the any-means-to-an-end type of influence the U.S. lobbies representing Israel in Congress have isn't it?  Clearly, the methods of extortion employed in persuading Congress to make Israel first choices at the expense of what's best for our own nation, hold more sway with Congress than does the constituency, don't they.  And perhaps with Bernie Sanders too . . . or not?  If a Jewish candidate can't or won't stand up to the illegal foreign nation Israel lobbies then how can anyone else?  The election was so bought off by big money in support of the Clinton campaign from before day one of the campaigning, there was never a chance of any other Democratic candidate being selected.  Yes, I would like to be wrong about this - truly I would.  But that is probably not the case. 

That Sanders has done so much better than the Clinton campaign expected, to the point that he clearly could win the vote of we, the people, is irrelevant because of all the convoluted ways in which the conventions are rigged when it comes to choosing candidates.   We really have no say in who the candidates will be, anyway, unless we are delegates.

If it weren't for the of couple of vulgar words she used in speaking the truth would Zimmerman have been suspended while being investigated?  I would have voted for Sanders because of Simone if that opportunity arose . . . but I am once again undecided about whether or not to vote for any of the presidential candidates who have been offered up to us for our consideration.

Here's the story from Gawker.
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And here's the petition for those inclined to sign it.