16 February 2016

Palestine Still Exists After More Than Four Millennia

Time and again people who either do not know  basic history or imagine they can fool others into buying their hasbara brand of so-called history, claim that Mandated Palestinian was created after WWI as a homeland for the Jewish people.  And even more foolishly they like to claim that Palestine did not exist until after WWI. 

In actuality Mandated Palestine was the only territory in the Arabic speaking region of what had been the Ottoman Empire before the war, that did not become an established nation immediately after WWI.  Leaders in the Arabic speaking region of the Ottoman Empire, of which they were part, agreed to support the allies in their war against the Ottoman Empire because of the allies promise to support the creation of several independent nations after the war.  The only promised support for the establishment of an independent nation that was not fulfilled after the war was the nation of Palestine.  Why? 

One reason was that the ideological political Zionist organizations had garnered clandestine support from the allies for their effort to lay claim to some of the land within the region of Palestine.  The specific area of Palestine being stolen because the intent was to prevent Palestinians from living in the specified area, was "yet to be determined".  But the allies agreed to approximately half of the independent nation of Palestine they had promised  to support if they won the war. 

The entire eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea had been recognized as the region of Palestine, for millennia - carved in stone in ancient Egypt, and referred to as such in the Encyclopedia Judaica.  However, Palestine was more clearly demarcated as part of the Ottoman Empire.  So, we find part of Palestine being allocated because of a clandestine agreement between Britain and the leaders in Europe of the idealogy of the political zionist movement - allocated to become the modern nation of Israel in which Jews only would be allowed to live.  It was all agreed upon without the knowledge of the Palestinians whose land was to be confiscated.   Thus the promise of supporting the creation of a nation of Palestine was broken by the WWI allies - given if Ottoman Palestine would support the allies, which it did.

Long story short, the allies reneged on their promise to create a nation of Palestine UNTIL an agreement could be reached that would divide Palestine into two partitions, one of which would be for Jews only, at the insistence of ideological political Zionists, even though Jews had always lived happily in Palestine along with everyone else.  That meant the political Zionist leadership was insisting that an entire population of native Palestinian people who weren't Jewish would need to be displaced from the Jews only partition..  In fact, during the time leading up to WWI, at a time when the Ottoman Empire had been at war with Russia, the Empire had actually allowed Jews from Russia to emigrate to Palestine as refugees from the cruel pogroms of Russia which had been targeting Jews.  The Ottoman's increased the quota of Jewish immigrants from Russia that were allowed to emigrate, several times.   The population of Jewish folks had increased with little or no problem - until after WWI. 

The time between WWI and WWII during Mandated Palestine with the division of land as yet undetermined, was a time of increased unrest, originally provoked by Zionist terror groups.  [My reference to zionists here will always mean ideological political zionist, never religious zionism which has nothing to do with appropriation of land.]  The zionist leadership arrived from Europe only after their target number of immigrant Jewish males had been reached which they had determined would be enough to create a Jewish Liberation Army (JLA) of men from Jewish immigrant families.  Some of the targeted Jewish families had lived in Palestine for several generations and had nothing to be liberated from, but targeted they were with threats to their families if they did not cooperate. 

Thus, at that point, when the zionist leadership moved from Europe to Palestine to create the JLA, the problems started.  Clearly there was intent to take the land by force.  However, they mislead their European colluders because they wanted not only all of Palestine, but had designs on all the land between the Nile and the Euphrates - generally speaking the ancient Babylonian Empire.  At first thought it seems a mighty long time to hold a grudge of any type.

So, the zionist leadership threaten, manipulated, and extorted participation of male Jewish immigrants to form the JLA.  Superimposing guilt trips was the least offensive method, which claimed they, the zionists, were responsible for the immigrants having been allowed to emigrate to Palestine.  The JLA became a reality and as it increased in size and skill, so did the attacks on Arabs, as did,  of course, counter attacks by the Arab population who not only felt betrayed, but had been betrayed.

There was a relatively short period of time before the world was again engaged in another world war. Today, WWII is as far as today's zionists prefer to go back into history in their efforts to attempt to justify the policies of the government of Israel towards Palestinians.  It was as if the zionists believed he Nazi genocide of Jews in Europe was justification for the land theft problem they were perpetrating in Palestine.  Attacks from their JLA predictably, of course, destabilized the region and after three generations of peaceful coexistence as fellow Palestinians, resulted in the Jewish immigrants having become a problem in Palestine.  It was heartbreaking for all in the region..

Another long story short - the Mandate dragged on and on throughout WWII because, first, the division of territory was unjust to the native population as was the intended displacement, and secondly until after the WWII armistice, the division of land was still under negotiation for the purpose of so-called equitable agreement.  But within a short period of time after the end of the war, the political Zionist leadership simply decided to take what it wanted, and thus put an end to the ongoing negotiations, by assassinating the Mandate's Swedish negotiator, Count Bernadette.  At that point Britain, whose responsibility it was to administer Mandated Palestine, more or less ceased functional administration of Mandated Palestine, and in 1948 the political Zionist leaders, after killing huge numbers of Palestinians and threatening to kill those who did not leave, simply declared  that a nation of modern day Israel existed - exclusively for Jewish inhabitants - within the region that is Palestine and has been known as such for at least four millennia. 

The region that is the eastern shore of the Mediterranean four millennia ago at that time had long been recognized by the civilized world as the region of Palestine. Evidence of that fact had been carved in stone in Egypt prior to Moses having lead the Hebrews back up to Palestine where they established then (by force) the kingdom of ancient Israel (later to become the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah due to irreconcilable differences) within the region of Palestine. These kingdoms existed only for a relatively short period of time in ancient history. 

Palestine had long been home to a diversity of tribes in ancient times including Jewish tribes, but not only Jewish tribes.  The region had also been included in a number of empires since ancient times but had also retained its character as a geographical region of ethnically diverse people.  Given that the location has always  been very important terminous of land and sea trade routes and had often served the purpose of a security buffer in all directions among surrounding regions and nations, the region of Palestine has for millenia been one of diversity, inclusiveness, and pleasant natured people . . . until those who created the ideology of political Zionism started trying to recreate the short-lived ancient kingdom of Israel in Palestine. 

Modern day Israel was declared to be a nation by terrorists who had massacred numbers of people in Palestinian villages, and then peopled what became the government of Israel as it's leaders.  And worse it was declared to be a nation that was intending to appropriate the entire region of Palestine as a place where only Jews would be welcome to live.  It didn't want only half of Palestine.  It wanted all of Palestine as a nation where only Jews would be welcome to make their homes.  "Israel" became a declaration of intent to engage in a genocidal efforts that promised to exclude from the region of Palestine, all who are not Jewish . 

If we are to be realistic, evidence (like the slogan carved in stone about the entrance to the Knesset) suggests the modern day nation of Israel clearly still considers itself at war with the ancient nation of Babylon and anyone within the territory of that ancient kingdom that was Babylon but who is not Jewish.  That is a damned long time to hold a grudge against the ancient kingdom of Babylon or any other of the many Kingdoms of which the region of Palestine was part in ancient times.

Is it any wonder the modern ideology of political Zionism, since the start of it being formulated  back in the early 1800s in Russia before reaching fruition in the 1880s,  is perceived as demented?  And as such that it is also the worst threat to the religion of Judaism that exists in modern times, as well as a continued threat to the lives of all the people in Palestine who are not Jewish?

Palestine and its people have survived being annexed by numerous empires through out the ages, including Israel during ancient times.  They still exist after more than four millennia.