18 October 2015

What Right Does Israel Have to Reject a Request for International Observers?

The linked article, below, says "Israel has rejected a proposal by France to send international observers to monitor the situation near the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East al-Quds (Jerusalem)."

Israel rejects international monitors in East al-Quds

So what!  Let Israel NOT want to accept the request.  That is not the same as the United Nations allowing Israel to reject the request . . . is it?

And . . . but of course.  This "news" is as predictable as the day is long.  The political Zionist government of Israel has been refusing to allow International Observers for decades.  Every request has been denied with no rationale explanation.

How reliable are Palestinian and Israeli news sources?  Well, clearly, Israel reporting on its own offenses is typical of a "fox in the henhouse" scenario.  It is a matter, also, of "the pot calling the kettle black".  Thus it is far less credible than the scenario the government of Israel has concocted over the decades, by working long and hard trying to convince that Palestinian sources are not reliable.  Fortunately, that has not dissuaded the needed crop of Palestinian Journalists, Photographers, and Photojournalists, professional and otherwise, who have not been as prolific in decades past.  They are on the scene to provide us with necessary details that almost always expose the corrupt prevaricated claims of Israel's political Zionist government when it comes to the illegal way it manages the unresolved occupation of Palestinian Territory and Palestinian people whose home oPT is.
Anyone who is rational would simply want to avoid all the drama of "credibility issues" that unnecessarily redirects attention, and instead also have International Observers in place to rely on for needed details.  Chances are there would then be little doubt in anyone's mind about who is and is not reliable were they present.  Thus, Palestine has been requesting International Observers (read objective observers) for decades.  And the government of Israel has been denying the requests as frequently, for as long. 

But Israel should NOT be allowed to forbid, at Palestinian request, or any other request like this one from France, the presence of International Observers in Palestinian Territory which includes al-Aqsa Mosque. So . . . who allows Israel to reject what it has no right to reject?  We answer that and we find where the problem lies. 

According the the article cited above, which does not provide much detail . . . apparently, it is the UN Security Council doing the rejecting.  Does that mean that once again, as usual, the U.S.A. has vetoed objectivity when it comes to Israel/Palestine?  So it would seem.