6 March 2019

The issue is what to do about grown men and women trying to make sacrificial victims of anyone, let alone those elected to Congress by a constituency who wants the representation of those who are  being targeted as victims by their so-called colleagues. It is even more disheartening when the targeted are naturalized immigrants who have personally suffered from political crimes as much or more than the obviously ill-intended who want to obstruct them from doing their jobs. The valuable knowledge and insight they have, as messengers, into how to prevent political victimizing seems to be a problem for ill-intended obstructors.

It is the epitome of fear and ill-intent, gone wild, which makes evident the difficulty so many have in recognizing the love and merciful compassion that motivates people, naturalized immigrants or not - people who want to prevent others from enduring conditions that created the hardships they have personally endured.

Jim Croce says it much more kindly, in "Lover's Cross", than the actions of those who lust after the creation of sacrificial victims. Even so, his lyrics say it all.

"I Can’t Hang Upon No Lover’s Cross for You"

I consider the song to be about all who intend to make a self-sacrifical victim of anyone who truly loves them - be it spouse, significant other, parents, siblings, children, extended family, friends, strangers as criminals hired to victimize . . . no matter who - it pertains to all victimizers.

21 June 2018
Between paying for internet access which has increasingly  become slower than molasses in January and using a hellish standard keyboard instead of my usual ergonomic keyboard, online access has become a chore especially when it is necessary.

And of course not accessing Facebook daily leaves the feed full of everything other than people, except for a few posts from people who have also posted on the same topics.  As a way to connect with friends, family, and colleagues it has become nearly dysfunctional.  It that because of how I have it configured?  Perhaps.  For their protection I do not categorize people as family or close friends which Facebook has no need to know. 

Facebook's one-dimensional advertising driven  AI structure is tedious.  Cheapo keyboards included with desktop computers should have been replace by ergonomic keyboards as  standard issue with desktop computers, long ago.  Anyone who writes needs one.  And as far as no more net neutrality goes, when we don't get the access we pay for . . . also driven by first using bandwidth to serve advertising before content, then the price needs to be drastically lowered.  How about pricing that fluctuates - specificly decreases in coordination with limited undependable very slow access?

19 May 2018
I wonder how accurate a comment is that was made by a Brit being interviewed today in the lead up to the wedding.  I watched in the early hours of the morning - of course.  The woman said that in actuality it didn't cost individuals in Britain more than one pound a year to support the monarchy.  It was part of a comment about how the monarchy had been losing favor, but that with the younger royals having more influence, it has been evolving and seems to be regaining favor - that being non-political, it is a bridge between the past and the future.

No one does the continuity of tradition like the British because of the monarchy. And the fact is that the monarchy does financially support a lot of worthwhile charities. I can see the diplomatic value in the continuity of a monarch who officially represents the best manners, diplomatic protocol, intentions, and cultural traditions of a nation to other nations while being the keeper and protector of them, nationally - for the Commonwealth in this case (especially if the cost is no more than one pound per individual a year) all apolitically.

16 February
I signed up for the 3 month trial version of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).  Wow. Some good journalism.  So refreshing.  Have really been enjoying it.

However . . . I notice that I am receiving a "version".  I guess it is the western version, since that is the only other version that I have seen identified.

Because of the front page coverage this morning, I wanted to compare the normal version with the version I received and with the online version.  Well, I've only found the online version.  However, there is not a huge photo and article glorifying the shooter in Florida yesterday, like there is in the western version.

First, I am encouraged that other folks are also pointing out that glorifying the crimes and criminals in the media serves no good purpose.  But it does not seem to change the "culture" of priority media focus on violence, death, and destruction.

Secondly, I truly wonder why the "version" of the WSJ I am receiving does that when the online version does not.  I don't know if the normal version does, but I find no justification for the Western version doing so.  Is it an assumption that is the sort of news we want, which it is believed will sell WSJ in this region?  Our local papers and news can be depended on to provide an overdose of that for folks who, shamefully, feed off of such negativity.

Thirdly, what a strange coincidence that the terrorist attack at NSA yesterday morning was so quickly eclipsed by something worse.  I don't know if it was no longer mentioned on t.v. news, later, since I refrained from putting it on.  But it was given two paragraphs in WST on page two, mostly saying it was not a terrorist attack - even though an unauthorized vehicle entered and fired a weapon. 

Really?  So If it wasn't terrorism then what was it?  Oh . . .yes, must keep in mind that we are not supposed to concern ourselves with that - given that attention has been redirected to worse crimes of terror by shooters, glorified in the news, and nebulous "shots fired" elsewhere

At least we can give WSJ for not glorifying that incident.  However, there is a difference between a pertinent news report and the glorifying of crimes and criminals.

7 January 2018
Episode 106 – Nassim Haramein on Unified field theory – physics, the connected nature of everything and more - podcast

10 November 2017
Once you experience the joy and empowerment of being 100% present in your own life it becomes very difficult to be deprived of what is essentially the acknowledgement of your individual right to know God's will in your own life better than anyone else imagines or claims to know it, for you.

We Can End Police Violence in America

Campaign Zero is a comprehensive platform of policy solutions to end police violence in America.

We can live in a world where the police don't kill people, by limiting police interventions, improving community interactions, and ensuring accountability.

It will take deliberate action from policy-makers at all levels of government to implement these policy solutions.