05 May 2014

The Bees

The Honeysuckle Vine is thriving and blooming this year, thus, so it seems, are the bees thriving because of it.  It came to my attention several years ago that some folks consider the Honeysuckle Vine to be little more than a pesky weed.  I don't.  It's doing no harm in my yard, and because it clearly is supporting the bee population, I'm happy to provide a home for it. 

The fragrance is strong and overwhelming, as is it's tendency, but after the vine not having done much for the past two years, I don't mind.  Why did it not bloom the previous two years?  Was it because of a too ambitious pruning?  Did it need a prolonged time of cold, like this past winter?   Maybe, like an Apple Tree, it does better every other year?  I simply don't know.  But this year it seems to really be doing it's part to support the bee population.  It is located directly outside the backdoor, so when going in and out, frequently, during the day it's a real joy to hear the vine abuzz with the activity of busy bees.