10 August 2018

A Poem

Hidden Treasures

I was selected.
It was a punitive response
To seeking the truth
And speaking of it.

Then I chose . . .
To overcome a clandestine enemy,
First appearing,
In guise of treachery,
As a destructive manipulator
To punish for crimes not committed.

In the midst of battling grave injustices,
The treasures of kindred souls beckoned,
To show the way, glittering like no gold can;
Precious gems amidst the rubble
Of what had been homes, domicile of a nation,
Their beauty now visible only to the guileless.

Battles against deceit raged all around,
Exploding into death and destruction,
As the crumbled ruins of lives and homes
Serenely waited; 
Dusty foundations, for the soul of a nation,
To rise upon in symphony, rebuilding.

Rich blessings settled in my soul,
Abundant in their grace,
Wondrous, and transcendent;
Transforming as they increased,
To overflow their bounds,
Combating duplicity with honesty . . .

Because I chose.
I now bless my friend the enemy,
For selecting me
As a weapon of its self-destruction.
Autumn 1993

21 June 2018

By-proxy Identity Theft

By-proxy is not my reality and the false reality it is should not be forced on anyone.  Some  of the worst,  most damaging, thus most criminal  identity theft attempts are  by-proxy efforts.  Talk about unreasonable facsimiles, not to mention an overabundance of misplaced and missing items frequently used and always ready in the same place.

What type of abominable scoundrels imagine they have the right to try to compromise someone else's life in that way for their own self-serving greed and delusions of grandeur associated with "owning" of other people in that way?  Worst are the efforts to justify with religion, what are extremely noxious and thinly-veiled identity theft efforts . . . too often from family and their enablers - people who are supposed to care or may have cared at one time.

Who would believe they can live someone else's life better and attempt to do so without consent and supposedly without knowledge of the target?  Actually, and too often otherwise seemingly good decent people.  It is no one's right to do enslaving by-proxy impostering; no one's right to try to assume the identity of another; no parents' right to own and enslave a child in that way for profit or punishment or desire for grandchildren or to acquire a son of daughter in-law of their choosing which their own child is not compatible with thus would not consider marrying; or any other excuse of an ill-conceived reason the criminally inclined would want to commit such crimes.

The crimes, attacks, and over-all damage done through by-proxy impersonation efforts are astounding - the attributed unacceptable attitudes, behaviors, personality traits, are all a form of character defamation and assassination.  Claimed child-birth, marriages, that result in a face and body in the mirror not of one's own making are ill-intended efforts to eliminate all the good changes people have chosen to make in themselves without harm or cost to others.

By-proxy efforts are enemy declarations the intent of which is to compromise the health and life of the target.   By-proxy identity theft efforts are not only a sin those who want to claim a religious right commit, but they are also a serious identity theft crime and should be prosecuted as such.