21 May 2019

The Military Industrial Complex and Iran

"Trump says the military industrial complex is pressuring him into a war with Iran."  This was a headline on an article a friend shared, today.  My comment, with a few edits here for clarity, was:
I can buy that, actually. In fact that is the good and bad of President Trump's fickle opinions and what he supports and does not support. He seems to listen to input, which is good, then bases opinions on who gets the most access time and puts the most pressure on him.

That results in a whole lot more bad than good - too much turning around of past legislation and too much conflict of interest in people he appoints, then boots out of those positions, apparently  so he can reappoint others to government positions. It looks like the appointments are intended to reward his cronies rather than to benefit we, the people.

And if Trump wants to be honest he needs to state that the political zionist machine is also pressuring him to attack another of Israel's neighbors, indirectly, through our military industrial complex, and the illegal Israel lobbies representing the wishes of a foreign nation, and more directly when possible - his son-in-law comes to mind.
But there is more than that brief comment which also  needs to be said.

Our President also needs to know and acknowledge that Israel is exacerbating the problem of Iran, primarily for Israel's benefit, simply because Iran is a powerful nearby Muslim nation as a neighbor of Israel. It is also apparent that Israel is taking opportunistic advantage of the fact that Iran, as a Shiite nation, wants to take Saudi Arabia's place in controlling Mecca (at least controlling Haj and Mecca during Haj); and opportunistic advantage of Iran's desire to be recognized as head of the real Caliphate which is the position of the Saudi king.  Iran's past attacks on Mecca have clearly demonstrated its intent.  As clearly, that Saudi Arabia considers the stakes to be too high for Iran to be a nuclear nation, is understandable, particularly when considering Israel is a nuclear nation, and also nearby. 

A regional Saudi/Israel "friendship" benefits SA's regional interests far more than it benefits U.S.A.'s  Thus Saudi Arabia gets what it wants when Israel manipulates U.S.A. policies.   Israel could do worse than having Saudi Arabia for a "protector", in some ways, especially  when some of Israel's and SAs political interests are the same.  Too bad U.S.A. can not be objective enough to truly understand the lay of the land - which seems to primarily be "speak softly and carry a big stick".  U.S.A. is the "big stick" because it is foolish enough to dedicate funds to "policing the world", based on the prolific false flattery of being "the most powerful free nation" in the world since the end of WWII.  Saudi Arabia speaks softly to the U.S.A., and Israel rattles U.S.A.s cage. 

To some extent during economic recovery after WWII when it was recognized U.S.S.R was intending to be a threat, at the start of the Cold War, the flattery regarding  power of the U.S.A.  at the time may not have been as much of a total exaggeration.  But after the U.S. declared the Cold War to be over and done because of the Berlin wall coming down and Russia feeling confident enough about the U.S.S.R satellite nations being allies to disband the U.S.S.R., then  the false flattery continued greasing the wheels that  encouraged the resulting vacuous attitude and "policing" behavior of U.S.A.  It has become become a serious problem for we, the people, which results in U.S.A. dedicating over half of the annual budget to active conflict elsewhere in the world at the bidding of those who ask - in the guise of "policing the world".  No doubt there are perks of some type offered when being asked.  But the false flattery, alone, is likely still a powerful motivator, unfortunately.

Saudi Arabia is well aware the U.S. is far more apt to consider Israel's problems to be an issue it is willing to fight for, than it is apt to be concerned about Saudi Arabia's issues which U.S. relegates to Islamic religious issues - given news reports that Saudi Arabia is considered to be terrorist inclined.  However,  the Saudi King is concerned about and responsible for the Ummah, especially during Haj, and in the case of Iran concerned for the security of his nation, as well.  And Saudi Arabia is not foolish enough to ignore the opportunity of U.S.A.s  willingness to do Israel's bidding.

Understanding that should solve what is a mystery to some about the "friendship" between Israel and Saudi Arabia.  And it must be noted that it is at cost to continuing death of and violence targeting Palestinians in oPT, and destruction of their livelihoods and homes.  Though many would like to consider Palestine and Palestinians irrelevant to these issues, the fact is the negotiations about the partition of Palestine which the political zionists tried to put an end to when declaring Israel a nation, is very much at the center of almost all of the political issues in the Middle East since that time.  Palestinians will continue to be targeted for death and destruction by the political zionist government of Israel as long as no other nations are preventing the government of Israel's long, slow, drawn-out over 70 year genocide of Palestinians who live on the land Israel wants without them on it.  Nothing could be simpler to understand, yet nothing has consistently created more political turmoil during my life, up to the point of here and now.

That "mystery" is only part of Israel's motivation because its intent has been to harass all the nearby Muslim nations, which grew into attacking Islam and Muslims in general.  That effort increased by taking opportunistic advantage of 9/11 to put pressure on U.S.A. when it was ready and  eager to comply, because of understandably  being in retributive mode.  However  our government should be more self-disciplined about not taking action when in retributive mode, instead of being driven by emotions in the same way that any "crime of passion" is driven, especially when being encouraged to take ill-advised action in the heat of the moment.

It was not understandable that the U.S.A. did not have the foresight to refrain from depending on faulty "intelligence" (originating from Israel) which was used as justification to start engaging in active conflict against Iraq after the announced "War on Terror".  The only reason Israel has been able to push the anti-Muslim anti-Islam  agenda so far for so long is because U.S.A. enables Israel's agenda, including unconditionally enabling Israel's agendas long before 9/11.  And the anti-Muslim agenda feeds into the government of Israel's deadly determination to claim all of Palestine for Israel.  The political zionist machine never actually wanted to be a state in the nation of Palestine, even partitioned into a Jewish only state.  The intent always was to claim all of Palestine as Israel.

Am I blaming everything on Israel and its political ideology of zionism? Of course not.  But is is a much larger part of all the Middle East conflicts than most are willing to realize, or as the case may be, to admit because it serves their purposes not to. With Israel is where a lot of the ignored actual blame, safely (unfortunately), resides.  However I am blaming many  of our most damaging (domestic and foreign) U.S.A. policies, especially middle east policies and active conflict, on the foreign manipulation of our government which is not only Israel's doing.  Because that is the truth of the matters. However, understand Israel strategies and tactics and it becomes clear the origin of it's first and strongest supporter at the end of WWII, even as far back as the pogroms, actually.  That a huge number of people know this, and have advised our elected and appointed officials about it, is a euphemistic "mystery". 

I happen to have been paying attention for a long time, so I speak up because I know more about these Israel/Palestine issues and their history than many other issues because of it being a focus of my research from college and university days which started with a question that arose about controlled news (by government)  at the start of the 1967 Six Days War.  The media response was so incredulous, as if there was no knowledge any problem existed which could have precipitate the war, that it was impossible to not consider the hypothesis of news being controlled.  And that has something to do with the fact that I had been informed the war was pending and soon to start by a Palestinian woman I never did meet whose family had escaped as refugees to Jordan in 1948.  As a 19 year old college freshman and journalism student at the time, the incongruity of me knowing this - and the media being unaware - simply did not compute correctly.

The point is that it is a huge mistake for Congress, and we, the people, to not recognize any other foreign nation's agenda, particularly Israel's middle east agenda regarding neighboring Muslim nations, which overly influences Congress; especially the nature of that "influence" through heavily funded "Israel first" lobbies which have been actively interfering with U.S. elections and political policies, increasingly so since 1948, along with extortion and skillful hasbara/propaganda designed for public consumption very actively since 1967.  Lobbies representing foreign nations are illegal.  And, yes, court cases have been won that focus on lobbies and lobbyists who represent foreign nations but did not register, as required, as foreign agents or lobbyists who were acting on behalf of a foreign principal.  Even so,  the violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) continues to occur.  Anyone interested in consulting with and advising elected and appointed government officials about the problem might want to refresh their knowledge of FARA.  The Foreign Lobby Watch about FARA at the Center for Responsive Politics is a good place to start.

Americans who are informed and know the deal are tired of wondering and asking if appointed and elected American government officials are as totally ignorant and lacking in knowledge as it seems, or, if they truly are, collectively, so ill-intended and corrupt that they allow their opinions to be swayed by foreign agents lining their pockets with perks and/or threats to prevent their reelection.  I do not want to think it is wide spread corruption as much as it is conveniently wearing blinders when it comes to anything that Israel demands of the U.S.A., directly and through it's lobbies.  But there comes a point when ignoring issues that can not be ignored, because of the extensive damage they do, becomes a matter of being corrupt. And that was reached, decades ago. 

Sometimes something obviously connected to the political zionist influence issue arises which might lead to questions that get too close to the comfort zone of elected and appointed government officials.  Then, strangely enough, there are efforts to redirect the attention of we, the people, to what are sometimes unnecessary bizarre manufactured problems.  We can be assured that the intent is to draw our attention away from more pressing issues which often are associated with what our nation is pressured to do.  This question of incompetence or ill-intent becomes more pertinent when there is an ambitious effort to redirect and refocus our attention.

Case in point, currently, the abortion issue which never should have been an issue - ever.  And of course it is an attack on Roe v. Wade, and of course it never should have been an issue which even required Roe v. Wade way back when.  The actual issue, originally, was about federal funds being used for abortions.  And look at what it morphed into.  We should all realize by this time that abortion is always a hot button issue that is dragged out to be used to redirect the attention of we, the people, at opportunistic times, particularly women - oft the kinder, gentler demographic of we, the people, who like to put the skids on war-mongering.

We can be confident that each time abortion comes up, especially in bizarre extreme ways, it is primarily intended to redirect the attention of we, the people, away from more pressing issues; as if trying to make it illegal for women to make their own decisions - especially about their own bodies - is not pressing enough.  How can the well orchestrated domestic extremism, this time around,  not appear to be redirecting us from the real issue which is about U.S. being pressured to engage in armed conflict with Iran  by the military industrial complex.   More precisely the U.S.A's  military industrial complex is being used as a weapon by the unregistered foreign agents of numerous nations.  Are the Joint Chiefs really too naive to not know, or do they truly relish the needless death and destruction that is taking our nation to hell in a hand basket.

21 April 2019

You Are Loved

I feel compelled to say this, today, to those who most need to be acknowledged.  I know your experience with evil in your past lead to the strength you developed which lead to doing battle with evil and overcoming it;  and being able to continue to do so whenever it tries to retake control. 

Because you chose love, not revenge and retribution, your spiritual evolution is a blessing to you.  Getting to that point can be a difficult choice each time it is necessary to do so, especially the first time -  but you succeeded.  And through the work you do in life your choice is a blessing to everyone in your life as it enables others to more easily spiritually evolve. 

Your spiritual evolution is an empowering inspiration to all with whom you come in contact, especially family and friends, but also including those who have found themselves on a similar path in life even though the environments in which this occurred has been different for each.  The work is easier and more fulfilling when done together;  because there will be more battles and the value of not doing battle alone will increase as our appreciation increases for those we encounter along the way who are also successfully fighting similar battles against the same evil.

Those who have repeatedly won spiritual battles alone, highly value those in their lives whose natural inclination is to battle similar evil in similar ways, no matter what disguise the evil wears - and it will always try to fool with a disguise.  We are all stronger and more adept when doing  battle, together.  The differences so many like to make a problem of are only superficial, even though these differences occur because of the environments in which we live due to  the attachments we have in life which are not superficial.  With levity, because levity is actually a dimension of spiritual evolution, I have to say:  may the force be with you - live long and prosper.

Inspiration and Empowerment

I have  known the difference between the blessing of a walk-in and an intended possession by evil since before age 2 1/2.  I will not go into how and why here.  But I have known the difference nearly my entire life.  That means I have understood for nearly my entire life that we all need empowerment and inspiration from one another to be able to rise about the limits and obstructions of those to whom we are attached in life; those who we allow to create obstructions and limits in our lives when it is not possible for us to simply walk away.  Some of us did need to walk away, eventually, to be able to survive and be who we are.  It is never easy, particularly when it is familial evil in the form of damaging bad habits considered "traditional" family traits which we must walk away from when they are still accommodated by some in the immediate and extended family who are determined to superimpose generations of unacceptable damaging "family ways" onto our lives also. 

How can those who host evil actually spiritually evolve as long as they are willing to host the evil?  That is the question.  They tolerate the evil but want to blame its presence on those who were designated within extended family as “scapegoats” to be made responsible for hosting the negativity the evil creates, to which those who do the scapegoating are addicted.  Such people do not always know the damage they are doing.  But that is evil’s way and those who choose to host evil project the harm it does onto others in an effort to blame them, instead, for its presence.  That is not spiritual evolution.  And it requires walking away, even when it is from those close to us because the evil they refuse to deny leads them to who want to limit and obstruct our spiritual evolution, imagining it improves their own lives to do so as they punishingly cling to damaging family "tradition". 

Why?  Those intentionally difficult people in our lives seem to imagine that if they recognize we are spiritually evolving it will result in value they too want to claim.  In the less spiritually evolved it will take the form of them wanting to be competitive and possessive and controlling of us, viciously so in some cases. They seem to want to feel left behind as they observe that we are making progress.  But that ongoing reaction eventually results in the need to leave them behind because they  become thoughtlessly demanding and  controlling of our availability which interferes with our work and with us being available to them as we are able to be. 

Thing is we all work within the environments in which we place ourselves, so how we earn our ways forward in life  will differ.  As such, observing progress of others, especially those closest like family, unfortunately, invites from the less evolved, envy, jealousy, greed, narcissistic control issues - even when they are able to observe that we are working hard to achieve progress despite the many obstacles they have worked hard to create for us because they see us succeeding.  Thus, for some of us it truly is also better for those folks for us to walk away from their presence, influence, and efforts to control our lives.  Because, as long as that is what is evoked in them by our presence in their lives, they will not evolve.  And they will also want to continue to hold back those who they allow to evoke that in their lives, feeling justified because that is how the family has always functioned.  

Why? They can not stop blaming the evil they experience on the previously  designated family scapegoats, never having questioned or known that those who made those designations in earlier generations were possessed of the familial evil when they did so.  We have already said no to that evil and will not stop doing so. By walking away we refuse to accommodate those who willingly accept that evil, and their efforts to superimpose it on us including indirectly when they do not actually know that is what they do by accommodating familial evil as "tradition".

Acknowledged and Started the Battle Does Not End

We must all do battle against evil together.  However those who do not recognize it as such, instead accommodate and host it and want to require us to do so, also.  That requires those of us who do not accommodate it to take our leaves of those who do if we are not to limit their spiritual evolution by being available to them in their lives; which, if we do not leave is also a choice to allow them to continue to limit our evolution too - becoming a vicious downward spiral  of blame which accommodates the familial evil, both directly and indirectly.

Leaving does not mean we will refuse to welcome those we have had to walk away from in our lives when/if they are ready to evolve beyond hosting the evil we refuse to accommodate as the “cost” of the connection family and some friends want to demand of us if we are to be part of their lives.  Those connections simply can not actively exist without harm resulting as long as some want to accommodate the evil some of us refuse to accommodate.

To those who are not ready to rise above the evil - you are loved.  To those who have risen above it and continue to refuse to accommodate it you are loved, trusted, and respected.  To those who are knowingly working at rising above it, you are loved and respected.  Be inspired as you encounter and are motivated by those you recognize as having gone before you - and welcome to the reality of mutual battle against evil.  Once you survive doing it entirely alone the first time except for your divine connection, future efforts will not feel as isolating. 

There will always be battles against the evil you have chosen to deny.  However, the plateaus we reach, increasingly together with other souls we recognize as similarly evolving, will be less potentially damaging along the way because of actually knowing numerous others are on a similar journey toward the same destinations, as we each continue to find ourselves in additional dimensions further along the way on our journeys of spiritual evolution.